Still Trump Questioning

I’m still TQ – Trump Questioning. I’d say that while 90% of the time I wish he would handle things with a little elan and cut down on the Twitter insults, I agree with about 80% of what he has done. I still have enough NeverTrump in me that I often cringe at the intemperate or unnecessary things he says, or tweets and I am enough of a realist to know that it is results that count, and on many things, North Korea included, we need to wait a while before making judgments.

But it is indeed a pleasure to watch the comic book stylings of the attacks on him now that he has met with Fat Boy Kim. Robert De Niro goes off on a profanity laced rant – but that’s no surprise, I previously pointed out that the left has been calling the GOP racists and bigots since Walter Cronkite visited a little character assassination on Barry Goldwater in 1964 – but the Hollywood left and their poorer cousins, the properly coiffured talking heads in the mainstream media have totally lost their minds.

I guess it is because these are people who actually saw the effete image of “Pajama Boy” as an accurate representation of young manhood in America and saw Obama as the pinnacle of manhood, the perfect father, husband, the perfect man. That, in and of itself, explains a lot. The truth is that Obama is about one pedicure away from being the most beta male to ever -at least to hold the office since James Buchanan (Buchanan was widely rumored to be gay).

For the entirety of the Age of Obama, this cabal carefully crafted a world where America was too muscular, wrong, aggressive, loud, and confident. In other words, too male. The advised that success was America starting to wear pastels, tone down those aggressive red stripes in our flag to a softer shade of pink, shut up and sit in the back row and let the more “evolved” continental Europeans step forward and take control because they knew how to use “soft power” – even though “soft power” was what got them into two World Wars, occupied by a country using hard power and necessitated the help of a former imperial power turned democracy (the UK) and a brash new super-power (the US) to save them.

Their fears run deep because if Trump is successful, he completely destroys the image they have built of themselves as powerful, successful, strong and correct. Through his actions, Trump has the power to lay them bare – and they know it. Case in point is the #MeToo movement. Prior to entering the race for the GOP nomination, Trump lived a Hollywood life, doing the things the Hollywood folks did, in the way they did them and speaking in their language. In a sense and by his Entertainment Tonight “Grab them by the pussy” comment, he created the #MeToo movement. Through the left’s attacks on him for behaviors they approved of and ignored for decades, their own hypocrisy was exposed to the point it could no longer be ignored.

Where Trump’s “admission” was mere words, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and other Hollywood notables were trapped when it was revealed they were tossing female starlets, male wannabes and even children on the casting couch.

The fear Trump creates in these people ls truly amazing. The truth is they fear any male who shows a little testosterone, a little real backbone. Trump certainly doesn’t use the old parenthetical model where people use newspeak to talk all around and issue hoping people will interpret things the right way. The language of politics and diplomacy is often obtuse and has many meanings – or no meaning at all – Trump just runs straight at the problem, often using inarticulate or crude language and causing the intelligentsia to scream, “That’s not the way this is done!” and it hurts even more when Trump applies a conservative twist to is actions because those aren’t supposed to work either.

The Prog left violently disagrees with Trump on substance rather than style. They see him as a traitor.

And therein lies the opposition from the NT (NeverTrump) camp. Trump is no conservative, so how dare he implement conservative policies THAT WORK! He is part of the progressive Hollywood degenerate cabal! Is he even a Christian? OMG! The greatest of these complaints seem to come from the libertarian camp who curiously advance the same arguments as the left – and even send me links to the Washington Post, the NYT, HuffPo or CNN as evidence of Trump’s unfitness for office – as if that changes my mind.

The NT’s disagree with his style, not so much the substance. They see him as a carpetbagger.

I know that many of my friends think I have gone full ET (EverTrump), that simply isn’t true. I still think he brings the office down somewhat – but not as much as Obama debased it – Obama was just smoother about it and as we are finding out now, we only knew about 10% of what he was really doing. In my opinion, Trump is a terribly flawed individual, he is sort of a real life anti-hero (curiously yet another Hollywood creation), a gunslinger who goes about everything the wrong way – but does the right thing in the end, even if he has to stumble into it.

5 thoughts on “Still Trump Questioning

  1. I think we forget the ” bluster” of other Presidents with the passage of time. For instance both Roosevelts had some pretty memorable verbal challenges to their domestic and international opponents. ” Carry a Big Stick…” etc. There are other examples from other Presidents.
    I’m not saying there is equivalence, just that they responded for their times. Trump’s twitter tweaks are in some sense ‘time appropriate’ for the times we are living in. It is reflective of the total current vertical strata which includes a large percentage of communication on Social Media.

    Excellent article BTW. Agree with you.

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