Outcomes and Opportunities

The very core of American law is that any law passed is equal in application, but the fact is that any law, while equal in application, is never equal in outcome.

The Democrats are the masters of passing laws and then squealing about how cruel the laws are when these same laws are applied as written – because the outcomes are often different.

Most recently, we see this with immigration law. “How dare you” they say to evoke emotion – but they never finish that statement with “…enforce the law as written” because that would diminish the emotional effect. So rather than deal with the law itself, the Democrats ignore the parts of law they don’t like, apply the laws arbitrarily and enforce the capriciously and by doing so, create a confused amalgam of unlegislated, quasi-legal conventions that are subject to change. That is what is happening now, border enforcement is trapped between a court decision and standing federal law, and this is the result.

The law must be the law.

If you don’t want children to be separated from adults when they illegally cross the border, you have two options. Change the law and open the border or refuse them entry across the board.

That’s it.

That is unless you DON’T want to live in a constitutional republic.

Because if you do, you are doing it wrong. If you pass laws you never intend to enforce or enforce them arbitrarily, you aren’t intelligent, enlightened, sophisticated, or compassionate, you are ignorant and destructive.
Sure, laws can be cruel. That is why there should be fewer of them – but no matter how many there are, they must be equally applied. To do otherwise invalidates the law and once laws are invalidated, all that is left is the lawlessness of tyranny.

People have been conditioned to think “tyranny” requires some big event, that it is all revolution, flashing billboards and fireworks – and titular event so conspicuous and obvious as to be instantly recognized – but it isn’t. Tyranny comes in the death of a thousand cuts – it comes incrementally through unequal treatment, through laws that apply to some and not to others, to elected officials exempting themselves from laws the citizenry must follow. It comes through a government focused on creating outcomes rather than protecting opportunity.

Trying to create equal outcomes is the reason economic and social collectivism exists. Thinking this is possible in a world of individuals where each has different want, needs, desires, intellects, skills, and drives is to believe in magic and trying to force it to happen is madness, it is tyranny.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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