Let’s just remember that the mass media tends to report in confirmation bias mode when they see their allies can make political hay. That does not necessarily mean that they are wrong on some basic facts, it is just that they tend to spin those facts in such a way to obtain the emotional outcome they seek.

There are three sayings, one old that is already a classic and two that will eventually become classics:

“If it bleeds, it leads.” ~ attributed to New York Magazine in 1989

“Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.” ~ David Burge, aka Iowahawk (2013)

“Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.” ~ Jim Treacher (2014)

They are truly showing you what they want you to see. They are showing images and telling tales of suckling BOC’s (babies of color) ripped from their mother’s dripping teats and tossed into a portable dog kennel purchased yesterday at the local Wal Mart. What they want you to think is that this is motivated by evil, that the enforcement of the law is cruel and that it is because Trump wants to assuage his white nationalist base who shares the same racist ideals as he does.

Make America White Again.

That’s that they are selling to the gullible public, establishment NeverTrump Republicans and the open borders libertarians – who are now citing far left outlets like ProPublica to make their case of just how far the Trumpevil has spread.

This is the kind of dishonesty that has forced people like me, people who didn’t want Trump as president in the first place, into his waiting arms. The deceit and misreporting, the deliberate mischaracterizations and assignment of alleged motives – all without a shred of evidence of racism is appalling.

As with all things Trump, in a few days, the hot tempers will cool down – except for the perpetually angry on the left and in the NeverTrump camp – and people will start to see through the charade.

Yes, families are being separated – but it as nothing to do with racism. It has everything to do with securing the borders. Asylum seekers are being arrested – if cross illegally first (if they present themselves at a legitimate border crossing, they are not). Yes, zero tolerance is harsh but years of “catch and release” brought this about, not the current zero tolerance push. Prior policies of ignoring enforcement is why there are an estimated 11 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country now. To change nothing is to accept this will continue.

It doesn’t matter how I feel about the people or the law. Congress enacted the laws for a reason and until they are changed, I have to abide by them and if I don’t, I will be arrested. I can’t just cross the street and start helping myself to my neighbors home and stuff – if I do, I’m going to jail.

What I can’t get past is the fact that I cannot board a plane or enter a Democrat National Convention event without having everything down to my sphincter examined – and yet Democrats say we should allow people in the country whose status we cannot determine. Progressives wail about the indignities illegal immigrants face – if they want to know about indignity, just as the grandmother in a wheelchair who has just been felt up by a TSA agent.

I really hope some sanity returns to this process – I’m not sure it will – because I am about done talking about it before I start losing friends who have just lost their minds over this situation.

I saw a great illustration of the past year and a half today and I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it but the perpetual outrage is like people are putting the name of things they haven’t cared about for a decade on little balls and putting them in a bingo cage, rolling it around each morning and whatever ball falls out is what they are outraged over today.

6 thoughts on “Bingo

  1. What the media does is pure Joseph Goebbels propaganda. Not only do they spin actual facts, they routinely tell the same lies knowing that if they do so long enough, enough fools will believe them. So please start thinking about real and effective solutions for the Goebbels problem because if this continues our experiment as a republic will end.

      • Cancel subscriptions and turn off the tube. Bankrupt the buggers. Keep trying to primary out the swamp. Home school your kids. Refuse to vote to spend money on government run schools. Each is a small part of the solution and I fear that it may already be far too late. The corruption is rampant. Then what do we do?

        • What you describe are individual actions. And they are good. But ineffective against organized Evil.

          Collective action is needed. The kind of thing that happened to DHS secretary at dinner…. we need ti ( 1) stand up in that restaurant and yell back at those “protestors”…. ( 2) organize and do the same thing to Schumer et al while THEY are at dinner.
          Collective action…. actively advocate for the Article V Convention of States…… regardless of how many Congressional and Senate seats we win. Because we know a percentage are turncoats….and that eventually political climates change. So we have to pre-empt that with with a COS : Term Limit the Supreme Court. Sunset Gov’t dept.s. Make ALL SCOTUS decisions able to be stopped with a 3/5ths States vote. REPEAL the 16th and 17th Amendments…..

          Collective action …. a ‘Bill of Rights’ action. We have to prepare for an expanding and eventually “hot” Civil War.

          • Just the kind of response I was hoping for, thanks. Seems to me, as demonstrated by the Sec DSH incident, BLM, etc. there are far too many violent lefties who are already in a “hot” war. I think my biggest fear is that if it becomes necessary to shoot back, it will become far too easy for a strong arm leader to become a strong arm dictator. The old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” may be in full force.

            • That’s why Planning and Organizing in our Local areas is Crucial.
              Organizing–Including Legal assets…..Like minded folks…….Medical….Food….”the obvious”…..knowledge of you area’s infracstructure ( and your State’s)….connecting with Local LEO.

              If people around you know what it is we all are defending there is less likely a Strong arm leader can be as effective. Especially if Local groups were connected between States.

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