DEFENDING THE LANGUAGE: They are NOT ‘Immigrants!’


The next time I hear someone call these people ‘immigrants,’ I think I am going to have a Samuel Jackson — Pulp Fiction moment on them.  You know, something like this (the G rated version, anyway):

“Say immigrant one — more — time!  I dare you!  I double darn dare you!”

These people are not immigrants, and the dictionary can easily prove it.  I’ll show you.

Definition of immigrant

: one that immigrates: such as
a: a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence

Now, if you are going to take up permanent residence in any country in this world, you need to get that country to recognize you.  That means you have to get legal permission to stay in that country.  This has been a matter of established law since the beginning of nations.  If you do not have legal…

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