They Just Want To Be Mad


As I’m sure most parents have, we have had situations in the past with my kids when enforcement of a common household rule resulted in one of them accusing us of being unfair and only punishing them because we”hate” them.

Even though we were always careful to apply the rules equally across the board to our three kids, there was always a situation where one felt we were singling them out for some unfair punishment – most of the time, it was our middle child, our first son, who was a fun loving hell raiser.

The only way the kids arrived at the “unfair” conclusion was to assign a motive to our actions that specifically disadvantaged them.

That’s called rationalization – the action of attempting to explain or justify behavior or an attitude with logical reasons, even if these are not appropriate. Rater than start with the rule and work backwards through their actions to understand why we had invoked the punishment, kids will start with what they wanted to do and then use their actions to explain why we applied the rule incorrectly.

That childish behavior is what drives Democrats. Take the kerfuffle over illegal immigration. Trump is not doing everything that Obama did because he is actually enforcing the law – but Obama separated and detained minors away from adults for exactly the same legal reasons as Trump did – and yet Obama never faced the anger and irrationality Trump has.


It’s all about assuming a motive.

Just like my kids assuming I just hated them and enjoyed the misery of punishing them, progressives rationalize that the reason the Trump administration does what it does is because it is filled with sadistic Nazi xenophobes.

I went through a discussion on Sunday that went something like this:

Prog: “I hate Trump because he is doing X.”

Me: “Well, that isn’t true and here’s what is really happening.”

Prog: “I hate Trump because he is doing Y.”

Me: “Well, that is true but it is exactly what Obama did for 8 years. Those pictures were from 2014 and 2016 BEFORE Trump was president.”

Prog: “I hate Trump because he is doing Z.”

Me: “Well, that is completely untrue because Z applies across the board, even the NYT says so.”

Prog: “I hate Trump because he is a racist.”

Me: “Well, give me an example of a racist act because I don’t know of one…and don’t say Charlottesville because he condemned white supremacists – many times.”

Prog: “Well, he has white supremacist supporters.”

Me: “Democrats have black nationalist supporters – like Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright and #blacklivesmatter – who, by the way, are as close to Nazis as white supremacist groups. There’s no evidence Trump has any sympathy for white nationalist groups while the Democrats have Keith Ellison, Hamas’ favorite congressman, the Deputy Chairman of the DNC.”

Prog: “Well, I just hate Trump because he is a Nazi.”

Me: “And there’s the problem. You hate him personally, not for any policy. You are just making up reasons to hate him politically and as for him being a Nazi, you need to read a book – any book – about WW II because the casual way you throw that word around means you have no idea who the Nazis really were.”

What is happening today is the mainstreaming of anger just like what happened in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. Michael Brown was shot when he tried to take a gun away from a police officer. Neighborhood blacks tried to justify their anger, so a narrative that the police were just hunting young blacks was invented. The “Hand’s up, don’t shoot!” myth was born – a myth that was quickly accepted by progressives because it fit their conclusions.

This myth became so widespread that Democrat lawmakers raised their hands on the floor of the House – even CNN anchors were raising their hands on live TV in “protest”. It was so strong, it even persists today in the face of the impeachment of the eye witness who first claimed it (shocker – he lied) and a coroners report showing how impossible the myth was.

It was a myth, that when employed, was the puzzle piece necessary to complete the picture progressives wanted to see – but in fact, it was a convenient lie, a “revolutionary truth” (a revolutionary truth is any statement that advances the revolution – whether it is actually true or not).

I know progressives are disappointed Hillary will never be president but being disappointed based on a series of lies is tragic. Committing violence in the name of lies is evil. Whether you like it or not, there is no “revolutionary truth” (i.e.: it is only “true” if it advances the revolution), there is only the objective truth.

Do not confuse the two.

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