July 4th

Opposing the Democrat Party today is frustrating – not really because it is difficult to defeat their ideas (such as they are), it is because the Party has become something akin to a schizophrenic amoeba on crack.

Their organizing principle seems to be chaos.

Once you understand that this asymmetry is on purpose, their actions are easier to understand.

The modern Democrat Party has become a contemporaneous mix of anarchy and totalitarianism, both exercised with the mentality of a two year-old hungry child who missed their nap today.

It is an anachronistic Party of rich, privileged, hipster socialists (who, by definition, should not exist) selling redistribution of everybody’s wealth except their own.

It is a Party that simultaneously demands total loyalty from its constituent groups and yet will drop them like a hot rock when they no longer give a political or emotional advantage.

It is a party that eschews the lessons of history, ignoring history’s great philosophers in the process, seeking wisdom from the minds of children, looking for approval and validation of their immature collectivist philosophy from immature beings who have always had someone else seeing to their needs (i.e. parents).

It is a Party that thrives on selective memory, cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias and alternative reality.

It is a Party wed to the politics of personal destruction, one that believes opposition should be focused on the person rather than the policy (just look at the vile personal attacks the Trump family has endured – actually any GOP President – vs. the kid glove treatment of the Obama’s – even Bill Clinton was attacked for what he did, not who he was).

It is a Party that firmly believes in arbitrary and capricious enforcement of laws, simply ignoring the aspects of laws it disagrees with – until those laws can be used against their enemies. Yet another example of cognitive dissonance – rigidly believing in flexibility.

It is a Party that tries to:

– create equality by enforcing inequality.
– defeat racism by dividing people along racial lines.
– create prosperity by taking more from producers.
– promise freedom through increased regulation.
– fight fascism by using fascistic tactics.
– show how much they care about children by focusing on 2000 children of illegal immigrants while ignoring 2.5 million children of American citizens.

Democrats are the Party of Alinskyite community activists, fueled by agitation and agitprop, fighting armies of conveniently constructed straw men.

On this day when America celebrates her 242nd birthday, we must recognize that absolutely nothing the Democrat Party stands for is conducive to America having a 243rd, 244th or 245th birthday. Democrats have hidden behind the term “progressivism” since the end of WW II – but now are being exposed by young, ignorant “democratic socialists” who simply don’t understand the true value of maintaining the charade. They have no awareness of the true history of collectivism, its failures and the human wreckage it leaves behind – to them, Cuba and Venezuela don’t exist.

Democrats may be our friends and fellow citizens but they are also our enemies, at least in a political sense. For many of them, July 4th is not a happy day.

The only thing standing between Democrats and and America that looks like Venezuela is our Constitution. The dystopian socialist Utopia desired by the socialist Democrats cannot exist while the Constitution lives – a socialist government requires power that is specifically denied to it by this document.

As we celebrate our freedom and contemplate the best way to keep it for our posterity, let us also celebrate the last bulwark of that freedom, the Constitution of the United States of America.

May God continue to bless America and her people.

4 thoughts on “July 4th

  1. Get over yourself! No group of people are all the same. There are just as many crazy Republicans as there are crazy Democrats. Finding areas were all can agree or at least compromise to a point acceptable to all is the key. Calling people names and belittling them is counterproductive and accomplishes nothing.

    • Your comment proves that ” moderates” are essentially liberals/progressives without the balls to admit it. So called ‘compassionate republicans’…..’Liberal-tarians’ and the full Zoo of progressive label moderates use this equivalency model to rationalize Leftist hate and violence.

      Fact is both sides DO NOT have the same anti-American radicals. In Fact the entire left has shifted even more radical than it always has been.

      The fact is there is no Common Ground as many are beginning to realize…..and that “compromise” ( there’s another progressive term for you) means only that the Conservatives and Christians have to move more left and accept Leftist-democrat goals as their own.

      “moderate” = complete Bull s hit !

      And it’s high time pro-Constitution folks just call you all out on it !

    • So apply your last statement to our current reality. Who is doing the name calling and belittling? What about what I wrote is not factual? I never called anyone a name or belittled them, I attacked a party, not any individual and I do not accept your tu quoque argument of “you do it, too, so when I do it, it’s OK) Tu quoque arguments are logical fallacies and your premise is simply not true – it is NOT both sides doing this equally and no rational, factual argument can be made that it is.

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