You can be a citizen of the United States without being an American!  As difficult as it may seem for many to understand or — better yet — accept, it is true.  This is because being an “American” has nothing to do with this nation.

When this nation was born, it was not seen as a nation.  At that time, the Colonies were all seen and understood as being their own nations.  The Union was just that: a union or mutual cooperation between the thirteen Colonies; the thirteen Nations.  This is what a “federation” is: a cooperative among equals.  And that is how our founders understood this nation: as a federation of sovereign States, or Nations.  They did not see themselves as citizens of The United States, but rather, as a citizen of their respective Nation State.

It is important to understand this point.  As a citizen of one of…

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2 thoughts on “IMPORTANT JUXTAPOSITIONS: Citizen vs American

  1. Absolutely true. In fact so did both England and France at the Treaty of Paris in 1783. They recognized 13 Sovereign States( meaning Nations) United in Federation.

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