LESSONS IN LOGIC: ANTIFA and the American Left are Modern Equivalents of the Blackshirts and Brownshirts



This post is intended for mature, rational, thinking readers: people who may not necessarily agree, but who can and will acknowledge objective truth and the rules of logic and right reason.  It is wholly unsuited for anyone who does not meet this criteria.

Many Americans like to make comparisons between Hitler and Hitler’s Germany and their favorite political opponents.  Sadly, the majority of the people who do so are woefully ignorant of Hitler and Hitler’s Germany, not to mention world politics at that time.  Consequently, they make comparisons that are not only inappropriate, but do not actually work.  This has inevitably lead to the general tendency to dismiss any legitimate comparisons that might otherwise serve to educate us, and to help us learn from the mistakes of the past.  In short, ‘Hitler comparisons’ have joined the ranks of ‘conspiracy theory.’  Even when totally accurate and applicable, no one listens…

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