Burning Down the House


Progressive leftist Democrats think by constantly calling Trump a liar and getting almost 100% support from the media to “fact check” every hiccup, tweet and opinion, they are destroying Trump – but they aren’t. What they are doing is destroying all trust in all government because when there is a GOP administration, the progressive Democrat left will never believe anything that is said or done and now they have guaranteed that from this point forward, no one even remotely on the right will ever believe anything a Democrat administration says or does.

This is perfect example of the idiocy of “destroying the village to save it.”

I’ve got zero problems with the media and the Democrats attacking Trump for legitimate reasons – but so much of the attacks today are just childish, ridiculous and manufactured, I can’t watch any of the televised “news” and count on anything they say as factual.

Just today my favorite fish wrapper, the Salt Lake Tribune published a lengthy “fact check” by the horribly partisan Hope Yen of the Associated Press. In her very first “fact check”, she truthfully quotes Trump as as saying:

“Michael Cohen plead guilty to two counts of campaign finance violations that are not a crime.”

Of course, Yen begs to differ, affirmatively asserting:

“False. The campaign finance violations are crimes.”

Well, it seems Yen’s first name, Hope, is appropriate because that is exactly on what her reporting is based – hope. It is far from etched in stone that these payments were even close to being illegal. Alan Dershowitz says there is no crime here. Former commissioner at the Federal Election Commission, Hans von Spakovsky, says there is no crime.saying, “…”a candidate can spend as much of their own money as they want to—even if it was a campaign-related expense.”

So it would seem that Hope is engaging in selecting sources that agree with her and then expressing an opinion as an iron clad fact, which this is not. Just because a prosecutor says something is a crime does not mean it is.

Let’s recall the facts of the John “Silky Pony” Edwards campaign finance prosecution. Edwards, a multimillionaire, paid his mistress, a mistress with whom he had a child, directly out of campaign funds. His mistress actually worked for his campaign.

About the Edwards prosecution, Spakovsky noted, “…those were optimal facts for the government, and yet they lost the case.”

Trump was arguably extorted by two women from his past who were in no way connected with the campaign, Michael Cohen made the payments and Trump reimbursed Cohen from personal funds.

If Silky Pony got a pass, just how likely is Trump to get one? In a rational world, this would not be a question – but my guess is that the Democrats will stop at nothing to indict him even if there is no evidence an actual crime was committed.

The AP article is the kind of reporting that made me dismiss everything that followed because that one thing informed me as to what to expect.

The President is a person, the Presidency is an institution. The left thinks they are destroying a person, they aren’t – much to every citizen’s detriment, they are destroying a foundational American institution.



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