The Funerarary Dirge

The hate for Trump and the hypocrisy and duplicity on display during John McCain’s funeral week really solidified for me what we face and what the real danger is.

The fact the Bushes and the Obama’s were playing footsie, the fact that the picture painted of the man after his death was so inconsistent with the conservative persona he took on in an attempt to get elected (it was like a cloak he donned and then discarded when no longer needed), that the very same people who said such horrific and nasty things about McCain when he ran for president now deify him in death and the fact that his family and supporters invited and allied with those very same people to take shots at the current President – all these factors combine to confirm once and for all that our country has been ruled by an elite club.

This club is a collection of people who don’t care what each other say about them because the know it is all a game, that when the elections are over, they are all chummy again, a club that understands you have to pretend to be someone you aren’t to garner votes from the rubes in the hinterlands and a club unified by a dedication to more government, only disagreeing on how fast to grow government and where to start first.

Those attacking the President at Aretha Franklin and McCain’s funeral, even parenthetically, were too smart and too smug by half. They thought they were doing something the general population supported, and while there is no doubt there were many who did, they also publicly demonstrated why people voted for Trump. Their reaction to him clearly proves he isn’t a member of the club.

You want more Trump?

Keep showing pictures of Michelle Obama hugging George W. Bush. Keep showing pictures of Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan on stage together. Keep putting up Joe Biden, Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton to say the same things as Meghan McCain and Barack Obama.

Because that’s how you get more Trump.

Behind the not-as-clever-as-they-thought rhetoric, what I saw at both of these funerals was one thing – fear. I saw fear that Trump’s successes in trade, foreign policy and the economy could bring an end to the old order. I saw cornered beasts fighting for their lives. I saw impotent anger that the club powerless against an outsider.

You may not like Trump – but if you want to fight being a government by oligarchs, he’s the best chance in generations to end it.

The Chicago Tribune headline for an article by a couple of Washington Post writers unintentionally said it all. The Trib editors wrote:

“McCain’s funeral was a melancholy last hurrah for what’s been lost in Trump era”

That is exactly right…and good riddance to it.

The club’s fear is that it wasn’t just lamenting McCain’s passing, it was speaking at its own funeral.


4 thoughts on “The Funerarary Dirge

  1. Good post, Prez. As always, I agree.
    I hope for two things:
    1. That what you said about the club comes true.
    2. The pro/McCain anti/Trump crap on the TV ends soon.

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