If a Story Isn’t Reported, is it Really a Story?

Something remarkable is happening in America. You won’t hear about it from the media because they are investigating whether the photographer for the National Park Service edited the 2017 presidential inauguration pictures under direct pressure from Trump and Sean Spicer. All the reports clearly state that it isn’t known if any of these allegedly doctored photos were ever released to the public or used in any way, but the UK Guardian’s New York based correspondent saw fit to spend nearly 900 words in an article that included two embedded videos.

That sounds like something that would be done for an important story, doesn’t it?

But it’s not – it’s highbrow clickbait that just reinforces the feelings of people who hate Trump.

While the Guardian’s crack team of reporters were working on that story, here’s one they missed – a Democrat candidate for representative won a primary contest against an 8-term Democrat incumbent. What makes this interesting is not that the candidate unseated a long-term congressman, it is that the candidate, Julia Salazar, lied about pretty much everything. She lied about where she was born (she was born in Miami), she lied about being an immigrant from Columbia (she wasn’t), she lied about her economic status when she was growing up (she was reared in a middle class home and has a trust fund), her former political affiliation (she used to be a Republican) and her religious affiliation – she now doesn’t like Israel and is pro-Palestinian (she was a pro-Israel conservative Christian raised in a Catholic home). She lied about having a degree from Columbia (she didn’t finish).

And she still won.

I have to give credit to the New York Times for at least writing one story on her – but like the inconsistencies in the other democratic socialist’s background (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), this is a defensive move on the Times’ part – now they can go back to supporting socialism and if they are ever called out on it, they can say, “We covered her.” They also covered the lying Dick Blumenthal but supported his election to the Senate anyway – and Blumie told some whoppers about being in Vietnam (he never went) …and Blumie was elected anyway, of course. Same with Lieawatha Warren, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

But none of these are as important as the two related stories the Times and their partners in the Democrat media are simply not interested in reporting.

The first blockbuster is the total corruption of the Democrat Party. Lying elected officials, lying candidates and policies built upon lies is a huge, Pulitzer grade story of a once revered political party that has devolved into a mon-like criminal cabal that cares only about power and will literally do, say and believe anything necessary to get it and keep it. The Democrats are truly a criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party.

Segueing from the first story is this – there is credible evidence of massive institutional corruption in the federal government (the DOJ, FBI, EPA and other agencies like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and substantial indications that a former president used that corruption while in office to try to influence the outcome of a presidential election. Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Clapper, Brennan and the rest of the gang didn’t come up with this idea on their own – there is simply no way possible that this many people were working on these “investigations” without the very top knowing about them. Peter Strzok was the point for both the Clinton email server investigation and the Russian ‘collusion” investigation.

He even tweeted that Obama wanted to know about everything they were doing. The “collusion” investigation conducted by Robert Mueller is proving itself to be a partisan witch hunt, driven by Rod Rosenstein and allowed by the toothless AG, Jeff Sessions (aka “Retarded Jeff”).

The American press used to be interested in exposing such things – but now they seem to think whether Trump lied about the number of people at his inauguration is more important. There can be no doubt that the so-called “free press” has been bought by the Democrat Party.

They may not be the enemy of the American people but one thing is for sure – they are not our friends.


One thought on “If a Story Isn’t Reported, is it Really a Story?

  1. It is amazing to me how far down the road of sinful the Democratic party has gone. Unfortunately the GOP isn’t much better.

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