This Is Not Who We Are


Democrats do have religion – especially when it comes to Republicans. What they have is sort of a Jesus complex – when Democrats single out one of their enemies, he or she must be crucified for the sins of every other person on earth,

I know people are tired of hearing about this Kavanaugh mess but it encapsulates every strategy, every tactic and every motivation present in the modern Democrat Party.

As was done in the story of Jesus’ last days, charges against Kavanaugh have escalated.

Jesus was originally charged with blasphemy but when the court realized that would carry no weight with Pontius Pilate, they accused Him of 1) perverting the Jewish religion, 2) teaching people to refuse taxation and 3) claiming to be King of the Jews, thereby committing treason.

Combined, the penalty warranted was death.

Pilate of course was not buying it and offered to trade Barabbas for Jesus – but the people had been incited against Jesus and the mob called for his execution. Pilate washed his hands of it and walked away, knowing an innocent man had just been condemned to death.

Look at what the Democrats have done to Kavanaugh.

First it was some sort of unnamed indiscretion.
Then it was sexual assault.
Then it was attempted rape.
Now it is rape.

I even heard one pundit say that since it is alleged Kavanaugh and Judge pushed Ford into a bedroom and she was allegedly held there against her will, Kavanaugh and Judge are guilty of kidnapping.

Many of the powerful people in the progressive camps are simply using the words rape and rapist to describe what was alleged…even though the accuser’s claim describes a drunken high school grope session. Even if you believe Kavanaugh did something, there are very specific definitions for types of sexual assault and the accuser’s description does not rise to the level of attempted rape and certainly not rape – but these days, “rape” has a very flexible definition when taken out of the legal context and placed in a political context.

Then the Democrats incited the crowd,

The next aspect is that as the charges have grown, so has the victim pool. In true #metoo fashion, I saw an article yesterday that stated “millions of women” know the accuser’s pain. In order to make the charges seem more robust, the victim pool has been expanded. I actually heard a female pundit say that it doesn’t matter if Kavanaugh did it, if he doesn’t feel empathy for the pain men have caused women, he is still guilty.

But in America, we don’t do the Pilate thing. We don’t say, “Well, I don’t see the guilt but let’s just go with what the biggest, loudest mob thinks.”


“Crucify him!” yells the madding progressive crowd.

These are STASI/NKVD/KGB tactics that were employed in East Germany and the old USSR. This is Alinsky on steroids. Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse stated clearly that this will not be over until Kavanaugh is destroyed, saying that if he is confirmed and the Democrats take the Senate, Kavanaugh is going to be investigated for life.

Even if you think Kavanaugh did something, this is not the way to go about dealing with it.

This entire process is ridiculous…and dangerous. There is no due process here – none. There is no presumption of innocence. Democrats are fond of saying “This is not who we are” as part of their rhetoric – well, this is definitely not who we are.

3 thoughts on “This Is Not Who We Are

    • I am just hoping that one day I get to see an America where ALL the elected officials actually try to make America as great as it can be and not just as good as their half of America wants it to be.

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