The Keyser Soze of Contemporary Left Wing Politics


In perhaps the greatest irony of all ironies, the character Roger “Verbal” Kint, portrayed by Kevin Spacey in “The Usual Suspects, said:

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

Verbal was speaking of the infamous Keyser Soze – the mythical crime boss in the movie who was everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

That’s that the left is trying to do today. They and their enablers in the media want you to believe that right wing groups protecting themselves from violent left-wing thugs like ANTIFA constitute “right-wing violence”, that cultural Marxism doesn’t exist, and that people who clamor for socialism aren’t really socialists.

Carl Von Clausewitz proposed that “War is the continuation of politics by other means.” The corollary of which would be that politics is the continuation of war by other means. And that is true – politics has become the mechanism by which people do bad things to other people under the guise of majority agreement as if simply being in the majority is the same as being ethical and moral.

Being in a majority doesn’t equal to being morally right, it only guarantees the anonymity of being part of the mob. What a mob (a temporary majority) does do is provide the safety of numbers and enough false bravado to allow accusations to be made and positions to be taken that never would or could be if hurled by an individual.

It’s happening now.

If you are paying attention, identity politics defines the collectivist as the protagonist (the good guys) and the classical liberal as the antagonist (the bad guys). When you strip it down to the bare minimum, the charges of racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, et al are almost exclusively leveled at non-progressives…and typically hurled from the safety of the middle of some mob – i.e. the Democrat Party, the media, Hollywood – some collection of relativists engaged in a war by other means.

When you synthesize the two concepts of Keyser Soze and the presumed morality of the mob, you get Karl Marx. Marx contemplates the creation of the ultimate mob – a global communist state – and that any morality within that state would be “democratically” determined by the vote of the masses.

I was involved in a discussion yesterday about the nexus between Antonio Gramsci, the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism and I found these words from the linked post very interesting:

“Marxism is not philosophy. Instead, Marxism is a negation of life, for Marxism is an intellectualized violent response to human reality. For this reason, Marxism can only exist as a reaction to capitalism and all forms of transcendence. Philosophy is a constructive effort to make sense of human reality, regardless of the often-unsavory truths that man discovers. Philosophy is toil that comes about as the result of observation of the world around us, perspicuity, intuition and common-sense intelligence. Philosophy is not the result of theory-building bravado.

According to Marxism, when capitalism is eventually dissolved, only then can there exist universal suffrage. It is not difficult to realize that Marxism’s virulent attack on God and organized religion does not spring from sound metaphysical and epistemological reasoning concerning transcendence, the sublime and the complexity of physical laws, but rather from a pathological aversion to the nature of work. One example of this is that Marxism has nothing to contribute culturally or intellectually to man’s understanding of pre-capitalist societies. In other words, what amounts to the vast totality of human history. The only way that Marxism can relate to man’s nature throughout history is to enact retroactive Marxist theories, especially recent examples of cultural Marxism’s pathological fetish about sex, race and culture as forms of exploitation of the Other.”

Yes, Cultural Marxism is alive and well today. It is the Keyser Soze of contemporary left wing politics and his minions are spending a lot of time trying to convince you that he doesn’t exist.

3 thoughts on “The Keyser Soze of Contemporary Left Wing Politics

  1. Very Good Utah…. very good indeed !
    Excellently distilled Truth about the Left and our current social/political situation.

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