Progressive Burning Man


Nothing the progressive left says is true – every single word is a defense of progressivism in a quest for power. The progressive left has abandoned any respect for propriety, any boundaries of logic or reason and any contact with facts or the truth.

Just think about some of the blatant contradictions the left normalizes in their quest for power:

  • Progressive Jews ally with antisemitic movements (Palestinian and BDS movements)
  • Feminists ally themselves with misogynists and sexists (Islamic organizations and people like Linda Sarsour)
  • Progressive Christians ally with abortionists (“Christian” pastors “blessing” Planned Parenthood)
  • The media praises freedom of the press and speech while allying with Democrats who praise restrictions of both (speech codes and de-platforming of conservatives on social media)
  • Anti-racist movements ally with groups that made identity politics a matter of government policy
  • Those crying for “civility” ally with violent groups (New Back Panthers, the Nation of Islam, and ANTIFA)
  • Blame the right for “radicalizing crazy people” while radicalizing crazy people (former “Republican” consultant, Steve Schmidt on MSNBC yesterday)

While Don Lemon of CNN proves he is politically colorblind by saying he doesn’t “see Democrats killing people because of political” issues, countless members of the media/Democrat operatives with bylines also perceive “coded language” in everything a Republican says and can hear “dog whistles” in everything the political right says or does.

As many have said, if you can hear a dog whistle, it might just be because you are the dog.

No doubt there are more examples. It is almost too much for me to see and hear the logical inconsistencies and cognitive dissonance.

But it isn’t a coincidence that progressives get the answers to pretty much every question wrong. They do because like their view of conservatives, they have to construct a false premise for their arguments to be correct. I don’t think that they really believe that Republicans are racists, bigots, misogynists, anti-Muslim and whatever other “ist” they can come up with, it is just that if they aren’t – the progressive argument has no underpinning and therefore is false…and now they are so deep into this denial and the false caricatures of their opposition that they can’t back away from their positions without the whole house of cards collapsing.

And this is nothing new. Let’s jump into Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine and set the dial for 2012. Here’s Stanley Kurtz at the National Review Online:

“Liberalism isn’t doing so well lately. In fact I’d go so far as to say that liberalism is becoming downright pathological. The disease is progressive (in more ways than one). Precursors were visible as far back as 1964, and again in the 1980s. Yet this latest upsurge has been building since 2000, and has never yet spread so widely or threateningly across the body politic.

The chief symptom of liberal distress is an intense form of denial. Liberals now actually deny that conservatives exist. There are, of course, strange, cartoon-like images that liberals call conservative, yet these bear little resemblance to complex conservative human beings with thoughts capable of posing a reasoned challenge to liberal convictions. In psychiatric terms, liberals have split off an all-bad version of conservatism in an effort to defend against the intolerable reality of actual threats to the liberal point of view. I don’t think this denial has quite reached the level of psychosis. Perhaps we could call it high-functioning borderline instead. At any rate, we are now clearly in the realm of pathology.

The problem is visible in the 2012 presidential and vice-presidential debates. If we treat President Obama and the three debate moderators as manifestations of a troubled liberal mind, the progress of the debates makes perfect sense. It is an exercise in the gradual breakdown of denial, accompanied by increasingly frantic efforts to shore that denial up.”

The Progressive left has become the biennial/quadrennial national version of the Burning Man festival.

Burning Man is an annual gathering about 100 miles north of Reno, Nevada. The event takes its name from its culmination, the symbolic ritual burning of a large wooden effigy. During the week long event, a massive, inflammable temple topped with a similarly inflammable sculpture of a “man” is constructed in the middle of the camp in the Nevada desert and then is set alight on a final night of orgiastic closure.

The issue is that the bigger the temple and the “man”, the bigger the conflagration.

For over a century, the progressive left has fertilized the amber waves of grain across America’s fruited plain with lies. Harvested now from those unfortunately fertile fields, the straw is being used by the progressive left to construct a historically gigantic straw man as monument to themselves and their ideology.

America is fast approaching the part of the progressive festival where they put the torch to their straw effigy.

There is not a single aspect of American life today that is not harvested for the progressive cause – and when the fire starts, every American will get burned.


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