Newly Elected Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw Might Just Be Socrates Reincarnated

Socrates_LouvreDan Crenshaw reveals how to defeat the left – and it is sort of a modification of Alinsky’s Rule 4: “”Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” In this case, it is “Make the enemy support their statements with facts.”
“Like what?”
“What is he undermining exactly?”
“What democratic freedoms have been undermined?”
They had no answers – and when they tried, the responses were not examples, they were all non sequitur.
It’s the Socratic method. Asking intelligent questions to get at the real answers. Many of us have been doing this very thing – the 5 W’s of problem solving – who, what, when, where and why – ask these questions and most people on the left can’t answer them (often there is a “H” included as well – the how).
We just need more people at a national level doing it.
Chuck Todd interviewed the reprehensible Sherrod Brown about the Georgia gubernatorial election and his statement that it was “stolen”. Brown brought up the fact Governor-Elect Kemp, in his former position as Secretary of State, “purged 1.5 million voters from the rolls and put 50,000 voter registrations in the “pending” category.”
Both of these allegations (except for the totals) are true – but both are also matters of law, not actions personally taken by Kemp for the purpose of advantaging himself by disadvantaging voters.
The reason so many voters were purged is related to three actions – none of which is Kemp responsible.
As to the “purge”, there was a lawsuit brought by Common Cause and the NAACP in 2016 over the state’s voter list that temporarily halted the biennial purge of inactive voters. After the lawsuit was thrown out, Georgia had two cycles’ worth of inactive voters to remove from its list.Many of these voters were dead, convicted felons, or had moved out of the state.
On a national level, Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act in 1993 which led to 9 states creating a “use it or lose it” law which allows the removal of voters from the rolls if they haven’t voted for three consecutive years, he is considered to be inactive. According to the Weekly Standard, “This is a designation that’s required by the 1993 National Voter Registration Act before a state can revoke a voter’s registration. The voter is notified via a prepaid return postcard that he is inactive and can become active again in three ways: by voting again, by returning the notice, or by otherwise making contact with local elections officials. The inactive voter has an additional four years (or two federal election cycles) to reactivate his registration. The entire process takes seven consecutive years and doesn’t require a registered voter to vote at all—only make some form of contact renewing the registration.”
As to the “pending” registrations”, these are all registrations with a mismatch of information – mostly due to errors committed by the voter in filling out the form and if there is a mismatch, voters are informed by their county elections officials and have 26 months to fix the incorrect information.
Even with the mismatches, any eligible Georgia voter with a pending status can still vote, early or on Election Day, simply by taking a driver’s license or other identifying card with them when they show up to the proper polling place – as required of ALL voters by state law. This act alone would allow the person to vote on a regular (not provisional) ballot.
So you see, nothing to see here. Everything was done according to law.
Is Sherrod Brown saying minorities are simply too dumb to vote? That they simply can’t fill out forms correctly, respond to requests to fix errors in a timely fashion or be expected to vote regularly?
If these accusations were being made by a Republican, that’s what the Chuckie Todd would be asking.
But after a he made a pretense of asking hard questions, Todd knuckled under and never made Brown answer simple questions.
“Like what?”
“What did Kemp do exactly that was wrong?”
“What votes were suppressed?”
“How does following state and federal law (that has already been through the courts) suppress Democrat voters?”
The media doesn’t ask questions these days. They all want to be Woodward and Bernstein – they want to be crusaders for a cause,,,and crusaders make statements, they don’t ask questions.
This is just another reason the media is rightly accused of #fakenews. I just provided you more factual, verifiable information than CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC has provided their viewers in the past week.
It isn’t that hard. It is the Crenshaw Socratic method.

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