The Baby Bernies

Interesting how far left the Democrat candidates (both declared and presumptive) for president are already going.
“You get get a car and you get a car and you get a car!”
Two of them, Tulsi Gabbard and Kirsten Gillibrand, are already apologizing for any thoughtcrime and wrongthink they ever committed in the past and are begging their potential supporters to believe them this time. Their lust for power totally has nothing to do with their change of heart.
The newbie radical, “democratic socialists”, the Baby Bernies, are more of a danger to the old heads in the establishment of the Democrat Party that they ever will be to the GOP.
For decades, the Democrats have been like those old Holiday Inn Express commercials – they aren’t socialists but they did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night – so they know all about socialism, but they have never really been socialists. As a matter of fact, they used to do a pretty effective job of keeping the commies in the party tamped down.
Democrats were one staunch anti-communist cold warriors – JFK was a prominent enemy of the Red Scourge – as was his brother, Robert. Those ignorant of history will not know that RFK was staff counsel for Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy and that McCarthy was the godfather to one of RFK’s daughters.
“Then there were Cold Warriors like Scoop Jackson, Sam Nunn, Zbigniew Brzezinski, James Eastland, Francis Walter, Edwin Willis, Richard Russell, union leaders like Lane Kirkland, savvy intellectuals like Lionel Trilling. None of these Democrats were dupes. Some led America in intense Cold War showdowns.”
Add in Senator Thomas Dodd (former Senator Chris Dodd’s father) and compare father to son and Teddy Kennedy’s positions to those of his brothers and the difference is stark – flip sides of a coin. Hell, JFK fought the spread of communism tooth and nail and yet, Teddy Kennedy asked the Soviet Union (not Russia – the honest to God Stalinists of the USSR) for help in defeating Ronald Reagan.
Like most things of which Democrats accuse others, they actually do. The long tradition of Democrats colluding with Russians began with the Liberal Lion of the Senate in 1983.
Sadly, I doubt most kids who graduated high school in the past 30 years will even know the names of the people in the prior three paragraphs. They also won’t know that RFK was assassinated by a “Palestinian” due to Kennedy’s support of Israel (nor will they see the irony of the new class of antisemitic Democrats).
No, the danger to Democrats isn’t the rabid socialism of the newbies, it is that these new “True Believers” will expose the Democrat Party as never really believing in socialism to begin with – it will expose the Democrats as the simple grifters they are, a political party lusting for power and content to use socialism as a front to buy votes, garner support and create a class of people whose very survival depends upon Democrats capturing and remaining in power.
Socialism has always been an easy sell to the envious, the ignorant and the less fortunate because it promises them something for nothing. It promises to take from the “haves” and give to the “have nots” with absolutely no consequence – which is an impossibility and a damnable lie.
I can respect the Baby Bernies for their conviction. They are wrong but at least they believe in their wrongness. The rank and file Democrat politicians today are not cold warriors but they are not full blown Red Diaper Doper Babies either. They are just con men selling yet another Ponzi scheme to the ignorant and gullible in America.
Today’s Democrat Party truly is indistinguishable from an organized criminal enterprise.

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