Jussie and His Merry Band of Nigerian Hoaxers

Chicago, of all places, may be a sign that things are changing and unexpectedly, we may have Jessie Smollett and his hoax to thank for it
It hasn’t been that long ago that any such claim of a racist attack was immediately believed by city law enforcement and even after proven false, the city and the federal government continued to blame “institutional racism” for the situation.
Michael Brown in Ferguson. Eric Garner in New York. Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Tony Robinson in Madison.
Back in 2015, blogger Ann Althouse noted the immediate knee-jerk reaction for city governments to automatically accept that the police are to blame in any incident where the suspect is black – while ignoring that white suspects are shot by police, too. Althouse chronicles a letter from Madison Police Chief Mike Koval to the Madison City Council in the wake of a hastily organized “public forum” meeting:
“In the course of a few days (from March 13-last night’s Common Council meeting), I have seen you muster to create a letter to the family of Tony Robinson as well as to hastily convene a public “hearing” for those who want to express their views. While the letter of condolences to the family of Tony Robinson was entirely appropriate (I did the same thing), there was no mention of support—either in that letter or in any corresponding letter which could have been circulated at the same time—acknowledging the exceptional steps taken by women and men of MPD in doing their part to maintain public safety while facilitating robust dissent. Last night, I sat patiently listening to people accusing MPD of everything from being sanctioned murderers to racists. Given the nature of the proceedings, I was left with no recourse to respond to any of these diatribes, falsehoods and shock value missives.”
As in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, the idea that we must “believe all victims” – even if they were liars – was revealed to be a shibboleth of the progressive left.
Smollett seemed to be the perfect sympathetic character direct from central casting – he had two of the three characteristics of the progressive trifecta – black and gay, only missing the female (or gender confused) part.
But the Chicago PD didn’t get a copy of the script and rather than jumping on the progressive bandwagon with its minority get out of jail free card, the Chicago PD conducted a sober, methodical investigation without immediately taking Smollett’s side. After it was over, they basically called Smollett a damn liar who embarrassed the city…
Maybe it was that the superintendent of the Chicago PD is a black man.
Superintendent Eddie Johnson pretty much ripped Fussy Jussie a completely new anal orifice.
Maybe it was just too damn cold – but there weren’t large protests in support of #Justice4Jussie – not like Ferguson or Baltimore…and the people of Chicago aren’t buying the progressive’s “You know, the Chicago police are pretty much a bunch of racist MAGA had wearing Trump supporters” line of defense (in 2016, Chicago went for Hillary by the slight margin of 83.7% to 12.5%).
I suspect the black population of Chicago knew they have 99 problems and bands of roving MAGA hat wearing white vigilantes out at 2 AM ain’t one of them. They figured if it smelled like a steaming pile of male bovine fecal matter, it probably was a steaming pile of male bovine fecal matter.
For many decades, the progressive left has been playing a very dangerous game and this was just the latest iteration.
They have worked to de-legitimize opposition from the right by calling them racists, bigots, anti – child/elderly/immigrant or [insert selected grievance group here] – ophobic. They have done this so persistently and well that it is now an article of faith on the left that people on the right possess these ugly characteristics as a basis for membership in the GOP, the Tea Party or any group that questions the leftist agenda of more government and more control over the lives of citizens.
Guilty until proven innocent – such a bourgeois ideal. Facts do not matter – the GOP is racist, we all (every progressive) just “know” that.
Maybe – just maybe – Chicago just broke that particular progressive camel’s back.
And in the irony of all ironies, we might have Jussie Smollett and his Merry Band of Nigerian Hoaxers to thank for it.

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