Sir Donald, Mercenary


Liz Warren is the latest to jump on the Cynthia Nixon “Pence isn’t a decent man” bandwagon.

I get this all the time – “You claim to be a Christian, how can you support someone like Donald Trump?”

Well, it’s like this – we conservatives and Christians know what the Democrats would do to us if given the chance. We know that with them, we’re always one wedding cake away from sensitivity training and reeducation camps. We’ve lost so much cultural and political influence that we can’t always fight for ourselves because the fights aren’t fair any more, they are always stacked against us from the outset. The media, the institutions and usually government (especially the judiciary) always gang up on us.

So we did what every weaker army has done in history.

We hired a mercenary.

Sure, Trump doesn’t necessarily believe what we believe and he isn’t our idea of a conservative – and he has an interesting past – but he came to us and offered to be our champion, someone who could and would put together an army to fight to the death to preserve our beliefs and to defend conservativism.

He would go to war under our flag.

Trump is our Sir John Hawkwood.

Besides having the coolest name straight out of a sword and sorcery novel, Hawkwood was an Englishman and a knight who served in the English army during the Hundred Years’ War and commanded the White Company, the most elite mercenary army in all of 14th century Italy.

That’s how we can support Trump.

He is not of us but he is for us.

5 thoughts on “Sir Donald, Mercenary

  1. Utah,
    Just finished reading “Hitler’s Cross” by Erwin W. Lutzer. Amazing how History governs our lives?

    If you can find a copy, I highly recommend reading it–takes some intellectual analysis to keep
    it in perspective, our current time in History, regarding your post about Donald Trump?

    If you do read it, would like to see your opinion? Also am interested in what Don would say if
    he has the opportunity to purview a copy?

    • Hey Edward !! Good to see yah. If I is the Don you refer to….. I can only add that ” Don don’t know”. I’ll have to Amazon a copy.

      Utah…… You said it all in these few words: ” He is not of us but he is for us. ” Agree 100 %.

  2. Don Ameche,
    You is the only Don I would consider reading an opinion regarding a subject that am concerned
    will have an impact on our future!

    Do not be mislead by the title of the book, or the time of publication–it explains the possible future
    we will face if we misjudge President Trump? The analogy of the circumstances of 1933 and 2020
    created by todays socialists needs to be examined?

    I totally agree with Utah and Trappedinca!

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