What If?

I have been thinking about something for a while – and it has been at the forefront of my mind since the Democrats retook the House and is crystallized in something Victor Davis Hanson said to Seb Gorka:
“You know, Trump is the one thing standing between them and America going socialist.”
What if that is true and Trump fails?
I’m not sensing any less energy from Trump – but I am seeing increased opposition – and the opposition is coming from almost every angle.
  • – The Constitution is being directly attacked.
  • The established, Constitutional power of the Executive Branch is being denied (but just under this president).
  • Congressional powers abdicated by Congress to the Executive under former presidents are now being challenged.
  • Trump’s policies are guaranteed to be challenged by the judiciary every single time.
  • Trump’s cabinet members are challenged at every turn – accusing them of lying about everything from the border to crime statistics.
  • Every Democrat controlled entity from the House committees to the Southern District of New York is “investigating” every aspect of Trumps businesses and personal life – with no limits on scope or time.
  • The Mueller “investigation” stumbles on – even though there is far more evidence Democrats and the Obama administration engaged in “collusion” and obstruction of justice than there is the Trump campaign did anything.
  • Trump is personally, professionally, and politically maligned every minute of every hour of every day by the Democrats, social justice activists and the media.
The amazing thing is that he and his cabinet are withstanding this total onslaught.
I always thought that Trump was going to be a good tip of the spear, a strong disrupting slap in the face – but like it often is in war, it seems his audacious offensive is stalling after punching through enemy lines and a slight retreat has occurred. It seems if we have settled into an uneasy truce across a narrow demilitarized zone.
But through our binoculars, we can see across this DMZ and while we are digging in, the Democrat enemy and their NeverTrump allies continue their preparations to retake the ground they lost over the last couple of years…and more than retake the ground, they aim to punish the resistance severely.
What if Trump can’t break through the bulge of our contemporary Bastigone? What happens then?
The Democrats are sending out raiding parties to probe our defenses and to harass our supply lines. They are working to break our resolve – and I have to say, they seem to be picking up conscripts along the way. Conservatives have always been outnumbered by progressives and the mushy middle has proven to be a historically unreliable source of recruits.
Let’s not kid ourselves – the political winds haven’t blown our way for a very long time. Trump’s presidency doesn’t represent a unified attack on progressivism, it is an insurgency launched from within enemy territory.
Politics follow culture. The political will of an electorate is only the representation of the will of the dominant culture of the period – and that is what the left in America has understood during their long march through the institutions of our country (via Dutschke, Gramsci and the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism). While conservatives were fighting tactical skirmishes, the left was playing the long game, patiently waiting for the time when the culture that they were creating overwhelmed America’s political and cultural landscapes.
Republicans are famous for lightly attacking and when they do attack, they are ineffective because they weren’t aggressive or adamant enough. The election of the brash Donald Trump gave the Republican controlled Congress permission to be aggressive and on the attack…and they squandered it like the French Army in WWII. They retreated and some crossed over to form a Vichy government.
Such a strategy works because we have cultivated a culture that is comfortable with the “beta” approach to authority. When people are not strong enough in their core values to question authority on an individual level, they assume authority where there is none. For decades we have lived in a society that has taught our children that no matter what they do, everybody gets to play, everybody gets a trophy and everybody goes to college. We have created segments of society who are advanced by the color of their skin in lieu of performance and supported racism as long as the purveyor is a minority. We have been forced to accept certain cultural aspects against which we are opposed and are told that we are bigots and discriminatory if we believe in American exceptionalism.
We now have a bland, nobody is better than anybody else, don’t stand out culture that expects to present themselves to American society at large and say, “Here I am, I did what you told me, now do something for me”, thereby abdicating any personal responsibility for their own futures, waiting for an “sovereign” to direct them where to go and what to do. This sovereign is now supposed to be responsible for them and their futures as they have had individualism conditioned out of them.
We have created the Leviathan as foreseen by Thomas Hobbes.
And if the Trump insurgency fails, Leviathan will crush America.

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