Mueller: Stepping Back to Take a Look


If you step back from the Mueller report and its aftermath and place it in the larger context of American government, it’s not a pretty picture.

It demonstrates that the American national government trapped within the beltways now consists of three things – palace intrigue, internecine warfare and spending without end.

I am grateful that Donald J. Trump is the president and Sir Edmund Hillary Clinton is not. No person living or dead should doubt that am forever grateful for that little tidbit of history – it’s sort of like the feeling when you narrowly avoid a car wreck – but let’s review:

The palace intrigue – in the year before the 2016 election, a Democrat administration spun up a clandestine attack on the opponent of the nominee of their party. We know this – whether substantiated or not, based what we know today – and we likely don’t know the half of it – the DOJ tried to find reasons to surveil the Trump campaign – and when they couldn’t find it, they apparently faked it to get FISA warrants…and we can deduce the goal of this intrigue was 1) to prevent a specific person from taking power and 2) if unsuccessful in stopping him, the fall of the king – or in this case, the end of the Trump presidency by any means necessary.

Internecine warfare always follows the intrigue. The famous Prussian general and military theorist, Carl von Clausewitz, called war “the continuation of politics by other means” – it’s hard not to see the back and forth over the past couple of years as the substitution of a soft war for political means. “Internecine” is an appropriate descriptor because it is a word used to describe a bloody battle where both sides are badly hurt, and I think an apt description of the past two years of the Mueller investigation into so-called “Russian interference” in the 2016 elections.

Neither side has showered themselves with glory, the President’s somewhat unsavory personal characteristics and behaviors being brought back into the forefront on one side and the craven, myopic partisanship of the Democrats and the NeverTrumpers on the other. To paraphrase Ayn Rand, the two look like two rival gangs fighting over the same turf with the rest of America stuck in the middle.

In all fairness to President Trump, while the Democrats push the narrative that he is one notch above a trailer trash retard, he is far from the worst – Woodrow Wilson was a virulent racist who re-segregated government and the military, John Kennedy and Bill Clinton were notorious pussy hounds, Lyndon Johnson had an Oval Office vocabulary that peeled paint, Barack Obama was a smooth-talking America hater – and they were Democrats all.

The result of the two major political parties being locked in intrigue and war means the American public gets neglected.
I’m normally OK with D.C. being at loggerheads – but there are so many issues that can only be solved legislatively (a budget, immigration reform, etc), we need an operative government.

So much energy (offensive by Democrats, defensive by the Republicans) has been directed toward re-litigation of the last election that the President’s agenda was stopped dead cold on Inauguration Day 2017. While some things were accomplished by executive order, lack of forward movement doomed legislative achievements and led to the House changing hands in 2018. In absence of a successful agenda, politicians were only able to agree upon the one thing politicians always agree on – spending more money.

No matter who comes out on top, my friends, there is little question who is on the bottom. Irregular order has become the regular order and as long as we are stuck between warring factions, it means things aren’t going to change. One agenda must win.

I’m counting on the Democrats to overplay their hand over the next two years. I hope they do vote out a Bill of Impeachment in the House. I think their presidential candidates and their consultants have misread the tea leaves that are telling them America hates Trump, hates capitalism and is ready for a socialist makeover.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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