The Rings Three


Interpreted a certain way (the Democrat way), where the most heinous of motives are assigned to mundane actions (that would have had zero significance if Trump had not been elected), the collusion fables – and the 10 supposed “obstruction of justice” items flagged by Mueller, could have been spun into a narrative to support a successful impeachment.

But today, they can’t because the Democrats have a big problem.

Its them. They are their own problem…or more pointedly, the ringmasters of their Congressional circus act and the clown car of presidential hopefuls.

In horror film parlance, the calls are coming from inside the House!

Outside their rabid, pussy hat wearing, conspiracy spinning, Obama protecting, ORANGEMANBAD base, nobody really believes them.

It’s like someone getting accused of shoplifting a pack of gum by a person convicted of 5 counts of bank fraud.

Sure, the character of the accused is under a microscope – as it should be – but the credibility of the accuser is also relevant – and this accuser has been slandering and libeling President Trump absent any evidence for over three years. He’s been called everything from an mentally ill imbecile to a Russian sleeper agent – and by supposedly sane, responsible elected officials and other people in positions of the public trust.

It started when Hillary thought she was going to win and demanded that Trump respect the results of the election – and then she didn’t and didn’t.

Then it was the hysteria over the necessity to “protect” Mueller from Trump because he was a virtual Moses who would be descending from Mount Special Counsel to deliver the Ten Items of Obstruction, writ in full on stone tablets. “Thou shalt believe him”, they sayeth. “Saint Mueller’s Word shall come full upon thee and it shall be the Last Word On The Matter,” they chant…and then they didn’t believe him, the words were delivered in 12 point Times New Roman on inkhet paper from Office Depot and that now means Mueller is a Russian stooge (Putin got to him).

I once wrote that Trump’s greatest ally was the passage of time – and I still believe that. When you are constantly accused of being a racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic Israel supporting Nazi who has a Jewish daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, who is married to a legal immigrant, appoints openly gay people and people of color to important positions and once had a mixed race girlfriend and years pass without you committing a single act of which you have been accused, people begin to notice the contradictions between the accusations and your behavior.

It’s not about liking or hating President Trump – it’s just about comparing input to output and determining if the system balances – are the accusations borne out by the actions?

No, the Democrats aren’t faced with a challenge of finding more evidence, they are faced with overcoming who they are and what they have done.

They are craven liars and political opportunists, one and all…at least the ones who aren’t fake Indians, Spartacus impersonators, creepy uncle pervs, committed communists or antisemitic America haters.

Ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages, now appearing in the center ring, your contemporary Democrat Party!

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