Killing Baby Hitler

baby hitler

If one had a time machine and with it the ability to go back in time and kill baby Hitler, it is likely most people would do so because through history, we can know what Hitler’s life wrought upon the face of the Earth.

But we don’t have a time machine.

And we don’t know what or who a baby will grow up to become.

Progressives will fight to the end to preserve a flower, a toad or a minnow from extinction, citing a fear of what the absence of that entity from the environment might mean – and they uniformly assume the impact will be negative. People are fined and go to jail for killing puppies or fined up to $250,000 for the simple possession of a feather from an eagle (unless you happen to be Native American).

In fighting for the aforementioned, progressives are essentially claiming to know the future, to have a time machine with which to travel forward to see the effects each situation represents. Abortion is a similar situation, they claim to know the future of a person before they are born, that the child’s life will be terrible, they will wind up as a ward of the state or worse – a criminal in the penal system, possibly a murderer.

Alabama state representative, Democrat John Rogers believes that.

Just a few weeks ago on the floor of the Alabama House, he unequivocally stated:

“Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or kill them later,” he said. “You bring them into the world unwanted, unloved, then you send them to the electric chair.”

Progressive Democrats essentially support the killing of Baby Hitler, Baby Serial Killer and Baby Rapist – and Baby Einstein, Baby Jefferson, Baby Lincoln, Baby Washington and even possibly Baby Jesus.

Who knows?

They don’t.

The misanthropic core values of today’s Democrats demand that humans be terminated because they are just clumps of cells that always turn into human detritus.

But Progressive Democrat hero Jesse Jackson is the product of rape. Not many know that. Would the Democrats see him aborted? Since he is on board with the progressive agenda, the answer is a resounding “no”.

Right now, the Democrats are feigning concern and aiming faux anger at the Trump administration over child deaths at the border while cheering third trimester abortions as “healthy”, “lifesaving” and a “human right”. It has only been a few months since they fought to allow an illegal immigrant to have an abortion.

Even if we look at the picture in soft focus, the progressive left claims America NEEDS more workers as they seek to allow amnesty for a million or more illegal aliens a year – and the progressives have an open checkbook to make it happen – curiously, that number matches about the number of abortions carried out in our country in the same year.
Progressives champion the worth of an illegal alien as they campaign for the right to murder of convenience of the children of citizens.

Let’s forget morality for a moment and think in pure practical, secularist terms – I can’t logically reconcile the concern for baby animals, endangered species and illegal alien children with the pervasive impulse to kill children on a whim – but then, no one can. There is no reason to be found. To hold such positions is to live with inherent logical inconsistencies and contradictions (which is a symptom of mental illness) UNLESS these logical inconsistencies and contradictions are but a means to an end and not true beliefs.

Understanding that these are people willing to stand on piles of intentionally terminated human babies, a pile of bodies that increases by over a million a year, to attain power is all you need to know about how evil they are. If you ever wondered what a progressive Democrat thinks is the price for vote could be, now you know. It is worth a human life.

I would liken the Democrat Party to the Aztecs, but the Aztecs only cut the hearts from their enemies in ritual sacrifice – Democrats reserve such treatment for their own allies.

2 thoughts on “Killing Baby Hitler

  1. Why stop with Hitler? Why not Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh as well? How about the idiots that ran the Directory during the French revolution and Napoleon?

    Given human nature, I doubt it would make much difference. You’d probably still get some authoritarian fool able to charm people into going to their destruction.

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