Lumberjacks Needed


One of my finance professors in my undergraduate days was the Dean of the Finance School, a brilliant man by the name of E. Carl Jones. It wasn’t long into the class that he taught us one rule about banks and borrowing – if what you borrow has too few zeros to the right, you are merely a customer of the bank, if it has enough zeros, you and the bank are partners.

As I watched the morning news about how the “impeachment inquiry” is unfolding I thought about two seemingly unrelated things – how Trump and Melania were greeted with cheers, chants and a standing ovation at the LSU/Bama game in Tuscaloosa yesterday and Dr. Jones and his class. As I thought about it, these two aren’t as unrelated as they initially seemed.

First, the difference between the President and First Lady’s greeting in Alabama was quite a contrast to that the President was given at the Nationals game in DC. If anything, it should scare the crap out of the “inside the Beltway” cabal to see the warmth and support the President and First Lady received from Tide and Tiger fans – arguably a more accurate representation of the American landscape than a concentration of partisan functionaries from a Democrat company town, people who can’t put politics aside for even 5 minutes to respect the Office of the President even if they don’t respect the man holding it.

Next, I thought about how truly devastating the process the Democrats have started can be to the American government. This inquiry just like one of those horror movies where a bunch of ignorant high school kids dabble in the occult and one of them decides to conjure up a demon to destroy another kid who didn’t asked them to the prom only to lose control over the demon and it destroys the entire town.

The calculated risk the Democrats took was that they would be able to get Trump before exposing how deep their corruption runs. They assumed casting the spell to release the demon was enough – but they soon found out that for the spell wake the demon, it was going to take much longer to cast and much more of their own blood.

This is where Dr. Jones’ teaching comes in – to make this work, the Democrats didn’t need customers, they needed partners. Customers don’t have a dog in the hunt and would turn on the Dems, spilling the beans – they needed partners who had just as much to lose as the Democrat influence bankers did. That’s that they got – people with lots of zeros. The people who have testified so far know that if this doesn’t work, their goose is cooked – but they don’t have a choice because these folks are all in, they have gone way past customers and become partners.

If this is how you run your scam, it falls into the “too big to fail” category and adds an additional level of defense because when the opposition sees that if they carry the fight all the way to the end, it could take it all down. In this case, and based on what we can see, the corruption goes so deep into the Democrat Party and the Deep State that to take them down requires burning it all to the ground.

That’s a risk Democrats have traditionally been willing to take, the Republicans, not so much.

It’s almost impossible to deny that this attempt to “get Trump” goes all the way back into the Obama administration and the Ukraine corruption goes even farther back – this mess shows that our government is basically a tree surviving only on the sapwood with it’s heart completely rotted out.

The irony is this – as with every tree that has lost its heartwood, it either gets toppled onto your house by a withering storm or it gets cut down before it falls – mitigating or eliminating the collateral damage.

It’s way past time we had some lumberjacks with gassed-up and sharpened chainsaws loosed on the rotting Deep State tree growing in the middle of our government.

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