Tear Down This Wall


“Mr. Gorbachev – tear down this wall.”

~ President Ronald Reagan (1987)

We, the people of America could well be reaching our own “Berlin Wall” moment.

The initial impetus of both the right and left when analyzing the government investigations over the last several years are “Who is to blame?” and “How do we spin this so our side isn’t to blame?”. However, the most disturbing things these investigations have revealed – and yet are missing from the fevered analysis of the Horowitz IG report, and to a large extent, the Mueller Report, are 1) just how pervasive is the surveillance state, 2) the vast extent of government power has to conduct its agenda, and 3) yes, Virginia, the government has an agenda separate and apart from the agenda for which the people vote.

We’re most certainly not East Germany – there’s no concrete wall topped with razor wire and guard posts every 100 meters – but mostly because the communists and statists have learned that physical walls are ancient tools in a modern world where the rapid advance of technology make them easy to breach. Yet there are strong similarities – if you objectively examine my premise above, you can see there is a clear demarcation between government and the people, a very thin line that divides government from the people. The Democrat and Republican statists have built a virtual wall between us through exempting themselves from the laws they pass, shirking their legislative duties by allowing unelected people in administrative agencies to make rules and regulations without review or approval of the people, arbitrary and capricious application of those laws, rules and regulations, and continuing the practice of show trials and faux investigations of themselves by themselves (which usually involve the conviction of some hapless low-level staffer while the masterminds go free).

Of course, we all know this. Most of us have known this for a long, long time. It’s just that until we saw how the House Democrats under the control of Comrades Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler were comfortable enough with their twisted take on Congressional power to take it public as they chased and sought to harpoon the Great Orange Whale, Moby Trump.

They have used tactics common to the KSB and FSB of the Soviet era and embraced STASI spying tactics.

With this unholy trio out front, the Democrats have gone all in to get their political enemy and in that process have exposed that the majority in Congress has virtually unlimited power to do whatever they want, for whatever reason they want, however they want and there is literally nothing the minority can do to stop it.

People will point to the congressional GOP’s investigations of Obama era scandals (the IRS targeting, Fast and Furious and Benghazi for example) – but the GOP has never used the tools used by the current Democrat machine. They never colluded with the Southern District of New York to go after Obama’s tax records, they never went after the Obama’s personal lawyer and raided their offices to take privileged records. They never created process crimes to threaten Obama’s associates into cooperation.

What once was invisible is now visible. The American Berlin Wall around Washington is virtual, but it is just as real as the concrete and stone wall that once spread out from the Brandenburg Gate. There’s even a Checkpoint Charlie where those with the right papers cross and those without, don’t.

Mr. Trump – tear down this wall.

2 thoughts on “Tear Down This Wall

  1. Your premise stated in the first full paragraph, describing how government(s) in our nation have become unreachable and in far too many instances overbearing, is accurate. The challenge you set … what will we do to reclaim government of, by and for the people?

    I am not sanguine this will be done in the peaceful manner that is a hallmark distinction of this nation compared to the many other forms of governance in place around the planet.

  2. Unfortunately, I believe that the two sides government in America will forever be in a stupid war with each other. I can’t imagine how the GOP won’t spend forever trying to impeach the next Democrat POTUS. Our politics was designed to have opposing views meet, debate the opposing views and come up with a compromise solution. Now all they do is fight and try to find a way to prove (?) the opposing view to be illegal.

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