The Adult Babies of the Democrat Party

Back in 2016, I wrote:
“If one remembers their own childhood, one can assume that there will be remembered at least one situation where some unfair punishment or major injustice was vested on one’s person. I can vividly remember being punished for a crime I clearly committed (I snuck a piece of my own chocolate birthday cake a little early) and got punished by both parents…on my birthday…on a Saturday…and before my birthday party. Can life get more unfair? I can remember crying on my bed then getting angry and saying under my breath that “Nobody loves me.They all hate me.”
I was five…and guilty as sin.
I got what I deserved. It was all on me.”
Of course, my parents did love me but the emotional reasoning of a child’s immature mind just couldn’t process what resulted from my own actions.
I guess that’s to be expected – from a five year-old child.
Now look at the things of which the President has been accused. Look at the absurd things Robert DiNiro, Michael Moore, Joy Behar and other members of the leftist elite (and even local writers of letters to the editor) allege.
Trump is setting himself up to be a dictator, he’s a Russian agent, a traitor, a racist, a bigot, a white supremacist, a LGBTQ-ophobe – when there is either zero or contradictory evidence any is true – but he must be impeached!
Things of which there is little but their imagination to base those allegations upon and the entire Democrat Party has adopted that same immature reasoning – or lack thereof – of a five year-old. To them, President Trump represents a rejection of them and their policies. He is an existential threat to them for every reason they can imagine – and if their current actions are to be believed, they have a pretty vivid imagination.
The real issue for Democrats is that Trump exposes them for their crimes. He doesn’t look like them, act like them or speak like them. He doesn’t play by their rules. He represents a constant reminder that they truly take the cake.
And they don’t feel loved. Impeachment is a full-on Democrat temper tantrum, a screaming, kicking emotional meltdown in the candy aisle of Walmart.
The simple fact is that once a person renounces reason for emotion, any emotion can be converted into their reality, any feeling can be interpreted as their truth.
But there is no my truth or your truth – there is only THE truth – and with that fact, the adult babies in the Democrat Party simply can’t deal.

4 thoughts on “The Adult Babies of the Democrat Party

  1. Democrat Socialists: America’s new five year olds. Taking over a state house or school board near you, if you are not vigilant this November.

  2. I’ve been around since Stevenson lost to Eisenhower.
    The fragmentation of the DNC proves this simple truth:
    “An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.

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