Honey, It’s Over


The miracle of the Constitution of the United States of America is that, when followed, it allowed a nation to be ideologically and theologically segregated without actually being physically segregated.

But the identity politics of the modern progressive movement has changed all of that.

There are cities, like St. Louis, where violation of the law is not seen as an actual crime because a progressive DA simply does not see it your way. Even in Dallas and LA, there are “law enforcement” officials who have said that it’s no longer a crime to steal less than X dollars of stuff because you are of a certain class. There is the idea, espoused and voiced by a recent Pulitzer Prize winner, that looting is simply another form of reparations and others in the media who have said that we shouldn’t worry about it because the insurance company has got this. Even a pandemic pales in comparison to the alleged “white supremacy” that is causing the riots and looting, say the very people who supported and shut down a national economy for four months because they feared getting a virus.

The pattern is set.

If we do not recognize it and respond accordingly, what happens next is our fault.

None of this is about what it is purported to be.

Banning business activity and church services during the C-19 wave was never about public health.

Nor was the house arrest or panic and fear the left wanted to generate.

The “protests” aren’t about George Floyd or any other person of any other race who died in police custody.

The progressive left uses any excuse to hijack any public unrest to advance their quest for total power. Just think of this in terms of Jussie Smollett and the hundreds of racial hoaxes that have been perpetrated over the past several years.

  • “Hands up, don’t shoot!” was a lie. The Obama/Holder DOJ investigated Ferguson for over a year and found no evidence of racist policing – of course, the politicized DOJ rapped their knuckles because they couldn’t leave without doing something.
  • In Baltimore, Freddie Gray was not the only prisoner who got “tuned up” by a police force in which minorities were the majority of officers, the police chief and the mayor were both black Americans. Three of the six officers charged were black and all were defended by the police union.
  • Eric Garner died when officers tried to arrest him for selling single cigarettes – a law put in place and ordered enforced by New York City government because single cigarettes couldn’t be taxed and they wouldn’t get their cut.

If you look at how President Trump is treated – how he is denied any semblance of intellectual due process and assumed guilty of any and all accusations, how the worst motives are assigned to every action (even benign ones), how he is always wrong or his reaction is somehow tainted simply because he is who he is, how they apply the “butterfly effect”, screaming that him drinking his fifth Diet Coke of the day caused a famine in the Sudan, and how the opposition, like rust, never sleeps, you should recognize those same characteristics in how those people see and interact with you.

It’s not Trump they hate, it is your America they despise.

For years, I have thought there was a coming split, that American states would start to secede because oil and water are truly immiscible.

For decades now, America is in a bad marriage and just staying together for the kids but now the kids are on their own and one half of the marriage won’t let go because they need our financial support – even though they despise us and have been schtupping their Marxist literary professor at the community college for years.

We have already divorced (seceded) in all but a formal declaration.

I can’t see a way forward until one of us moves out.

3 thoughts on “Honey, It’s Over

  1. Michael, Again, I am agreeing with you. Not because you persuaded me, but you stated so eloquently what am observing and feeling. It is heartbreaking how something so beautiful is being abused and broken.

    • Mona – people take care of that which they love. There are many, despite protestations otherwise, do not love America.

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