A Novel Idea


A while back, I had the idea to write a novel featuring:

  • A country on the edge of revolution due to constant propaganda and agitprop spewed forth by an agenda driven media (modeled after CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo)
  • Various radical groups opposed to every single aspect of American freedoms, claiming the nations was founded on evil by evil men and has only grown worse (#BLM, the #Resistance)
  • A corrupt pro-China cabal of business titans who want to preserve their profits by advocating for China.
  • A corrupt scientific and academic community that hates America enough to get paid for willfully transferring critical scientific and technical advances to China.
  • A corrupt political party run by drones whose only goal and motivation was to destroy a sitting president (like Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler)
  • A “Manchurian candidate”, a puppet nominee (like Biden), who rises to the top of the opposition party who will be controlled by an oligarchy or summarily replaced by a handler who was installed as the Vice President (Kamala Harris?)
  • A corrupt bureaucracy intent on protecting itself by investigating and imprisoning reformers (sort of like the Collusion Truthers)
  • A corrupt cabal of high ranking former and active military leaders who plan to defy the commands of the Commander in Chief (maybe like Esper, Mattis, Kelly, and others)
  • A secret program carried out by an oligarchy of “elites” to test the weakness and compliance of the citizens (like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Tom Steyer)
  • An Ernst Stavro Blofeld – like character of foreign descent who has worked for decades to destroy the America by funding radical groups to establish the right conditions for revolution (he looks a lot like George Soros)
  • A former president (who looks a lot like Barack Obama) who is the choice of the oligarchy and the Blofeld character to run the country and has, with the consent and funding of the oligarchs, constructed a shadow government that works to undermine the current administration

Then I dropped the idea because it was just too far-fetched.

Nobody would believe it.

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