Wrongthink in the Age of Neo-Orwellians

John Hurt as Winston Smith. His own personal sadness helped him

Out here in the Land of Significant Pallor (Utah), we have a controversy regarding the brilliant, young Defensive Coordinator of the University of Utah football Utes. Apparently, 13 years ago, Morgan Scalley (who was also a standout safety for the great teams of 2004 that went undefeated, won the Fiesta Bowl and finished 4th in the country), texted (not publicly tweeted) something that contained a racist slur.

He has now been suspended and the papers are filled with “Should Morgan Scalley be fired?” articles.

Isn’t it amazing how far we have fallen?

We have fallen to the point that the use of a word – one that is used profusely in the black community, between athletes in every high school and locker room I have ever been in (and that goes back to the late 70’s and early 80’s), and in pretty much every rap song performed by black artists – by a white person is the equivalent to a lynching.

The penalty for committing such heresy is the loss of your career, your future and your reputation. You’ll be branded a racist and shunned from society, never to be allowed to speak again.

This will probably guarantee any social media post that links to this one gets taken down, but due to its history, “nigger” is a reprehensible slur no matter the color of the person who says it – but so are the words chink, spic, dago, wop, honky, redneck, cracker, Jap, slope and a plethora of other insults that exist in every language, culture and society in the world.

It’s just a word – but in an Orwellian America, the use of certain “unapproved” words by the “wrong” people (and not just the “n” word) must be punished by the cultural nomenklatura. That the the rules are flexible enough to apply to some but not others is a bonus for the enforcers.

What you have to understand is one simple thing: when they control the definition of any word or its appropriateness of use, they can change it at any time. You will always – and I mean always – be wrong.

But words are just verbalization of thoughts – that’s really what these neo-Orwellians are after. If they can make you stop using certain words – or thin twice about using them – they can make you self-censor your wrongthink as well. Makes it much easier for them to narrow your thinking only to that which they approve, an easy, low budget way of mind control.

This Drew Brees situation is a perfect example. Now his wife, Brittany, has even apologized for their wrongthink thoughtcrimes by saying (a paraphrase), “It is all on us as white people because ‘We [white people] are the problem.’ We clearly aren’t doing enough to please your amorphous, ever-changing requirements, so please forgive us. Pretty please, with sugar on it?”

The most insincere and worthless apology is one given for something you did not do. This is pure subservient acquiescence due to fear – maybe it is just virtue signalling or that black linemen will stop clocking for Brees and allow a career ending hit – but it smacks of desperation and weakness.

These people have surrendered their minds and freedoms to the mob, and surrendered without so much as token resistance.

This is pure madness.

The ChiComs have implemented a “social credit” system to manage wrongthought by the citizens. Citizens can be denied travel, access to services, jobs and education based on how well they toe the party line.

We don’t need to implement such a system because we already have one and the worst people in America are in charge of it.


2 thoughts on “Wrongthink in the Age of Neo-Orwellians

  1. Blacks speaking about ” my people”…. and “white folks beed to understand…” And ” white supremacy…” etc.. With the Media aping along of course.

    This is all racist speech on their part. Systemic racism is in the Black community and their media masters.

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