Had Enough?

Look, I have been pretty gloom and doom/Debbie Downer about pretty much everything 2020 so far. It’s not so much that disaster is around the doorstep, because it is always around the doorstep, it has been because all of this seems all so…well so…unnecessary.
We began the year with a bogus impeachment followed by the WuFlu pandemic. Now have a Playskool version of SimCity Anarchy breaking out all over (disguised as a race war) – which also seems to be impervious to the SARS-Cov-2 virus because batcrap crazy progressive governors aren’t threatening to arrest those participants the way they are people who want to have a beer and chill with friends on the weekend.
I used to worry about sorting it all out – but then I remembered something about America that I hope still is true.
Herb Stein, Nixon and Ford’s top economic adviser, had a law. Stein’s Law is this: “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” But there is also a redneck version – call it Billy Bob’s Law. It goes something like this: “When we’ve had enough of your shit, we will put a stop to it.”
That is what I hope is still true.
I sense that the rank and file are pretty damn tired of the crap. The people who don’t really know who ANTIFA really is other than the are a bunch of bothersome assholes, the people who don’t follow politics on a daily basis like some of us do, the people who just want to go to work, go home to their families at the end of the day, have a few brewskies on Friday night with the buds, mow the lawn on Saturday and hit the lake to do some waterskiing on Sunday afternoon after church, these are the real Americans – and while every one might not like or do the same things, there are more out there with this kind of mindset than most think. Most folks just want to be left alone to live life as they choose.
I thought about that when the anarcho- collectivists tried to open the Playskool Awesome Autonomous Zone assembly kits in Chicago, Nashville, Asheville, and Portland and were told “no mas” by the adults in those cities. They also apparently threatened the Alamo. Yes, the one in Texas. No way to open a Costco sized can of whup-ass than threaten pretty much anything in Texas but threatening the Alamo would be like having a tanker truck load delivered to your house.
But you do not have to wear a wide brimmed hat and Lucchese boots to be a cowboy. There are cowboys in Jersey, in New York and Pennsylvania, just like there are in Utah, Montana and Oklahoma (not real sure about Minnesota, though). They may have a different accent and mannerisms, but the spirit is all the same.
The left probably could have a longer run of their little trip down Anarchy Lane if they had not interfered with the lives of the rank and file enough so that they noticed – but I think these folks are pissed. Now that they are paying attention, they are discovering that politics has escaped its box and now is interfering with their peaceful enjoyment of their lives and their stuff. Now that they are looking, they see that Democrats are against everything they like, are condescending as Hell and are running a senile old man about 20 years past his sell-by date. They see the sliminess of Chuck Schumer and the idiocy of Nancy Pelosi – they know never to trust anyone who cannot keep their dentures secure and their liquor cabinet locked.
Let us hope I am right. Let us hope the real, Flag Day/Trump Birthday/Army birthday celebrating America is tired of this leftist shitfest.

3 thoughts on “Had Enough?

  1. I was born & raised in St Paul, MN. I left in the early 80’s before many of the changes I see now took place. During the riots in MN, I had a lifelong friend from MN visiting me & watched this Democrat’s reaction. If this friend is any indication, there are many Minnesotans not happy with what’s going on in their streets. My friend also criticized the Mayors of both Minneapolis & St Paul, saying they were too young & inexperienced to be in these positions. However, Governor Walz seemed to get a pass, no idea why.

    Where I live, about a half hour out of Charleston SC there was one night of riotiing in Charleston and that was put down after that. In my town, the line at our local gun store was around the block & I loaded my 38. Considering my neighbors reactions I don’t think we will have more trouble here. I’m pretty sure Minneapolis will continue to make every mistake possible.

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