The New Oath


Black’s Law Dictionary defines the term “oath” as:

“Any form of attestation by which a person signifies that he is bound in conscience to perform an act faithfully and truthfully…”

America requires oaths of office for public officials, for lawyers and judges and for presidents. The Pledge of Allegiance is an oath and many clubs and service organizations also require some sort of pledge or oath as a condition of membership – so these are not unknown concepts in American public life.

Consider this – the hashtag “BlackLivesMatter” is no longer a declarative statement that the lives of black Americans matter, the name of an organization or movement or a protest slogan.

It is now an oath.

It is right up there historically with “Hail Caesar!” and “Heil Hitler!”

Now, we are being told that you can’t attend a certain college, you can’t shop in certain places, your business may be destroyed, your reputation suffer a similar destruction, you can’t even attend or participate in certain events,. you may be excluded from certain public spaces and you might not be allowed to speak if you do not publically utter the new oath of loyalty “BlackLivesMatter”.

But to what are you swearing an oath when you speak those words?

You are pledging to perform faithfully and truly in service of a fallacy – a lie.

Let us look at how all of this flows from a false premise.

First, my perspective of racism has always been this: “I’m white, you are not and I hate you because you are not white”. Notice that this is an individual concept. It is me hating you due to your skin color. That is the traditional concept of racism – that some individual is inferior because they are of a certain race – it doesn’t have to be white vs. black, it could be white vs. Hispanic or even black vs. Asian but it is always about the hatred from the individual.

But that’s not what this is. Thomas Sowell recently said that “systemic racism” has no meaning – and in a rational world, I would agree – but this is not a rational world.

The way systemic racism is defined is through the definition of anti-racism.

You see, it is not enough not to be a racist, to not have feelings of hate toward other races, now you must be “anti-racist” which means you can no longer be passive (remember “silence is violence” and you must spend every minute of every day fighting racism by erasing your white privilege – and if you don’t, you are a racist. As a white person who has always benefited from being white, you also cannot understand anything about racism because you have generationally benefited to the point that you can no longer see how much being white is an advantage.

You also can never disagree with a person from another race because to do so is to demean their position and that is racist – and you can have no other concept than racism explains every issue that person has had, has now or will ever have in the future – there are no other causes. If you try to debate that point with a non-white person, well, that is an example of “white fragility”.

Only the racism of white privilege can explain every bad thing that happens to any non-white person.

The entire concept of “systemic racism” is a fallacy that sets up an unassailable argument – but only if you accept your opposition’s terms and definitions.

BlackLivesMatter and all that flows from it is based on the false premise that white racism, and only white racism, explains all issues of all non-white people.

False premises can be constructed in a couple of ways. They can be outrightly false or they can contain words that are conventionally true but redefined in such a way to make the statement false. Of course, black lives matter – we are all God’s children – every life matters – but if you accept the definitions put forward by the movement itself, BlackLivesMatter is a lie.

And boys and girls, what to we know about false premises?

That everything that flows from them is also false.

That’s how you fight it.

You simply reject it. That’s the only way to defeat a false premise. It’s like the old Matthew Broderick movie “War Games” – the only way to win is not to play.

You cannot take it lightly, you cannot see it as a nice statement in polite society, you cannot accept any part of it, you cannot agree with certain elements, and for God’s sake, you cannot swear an oath to it.

You have to have courage to call bullshit.

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