We Literally Live In Two Totally Different Worlds

I hope the Boss will forgive my intrusion.  It has been along time since I’ve posted here, but I thought I should share this one from my blog, The Road to Concord.

I wanted to ignore this, but I couldn’t.  The more I tried to push it out of my mind, the more angry I got.  A FaceBook ‘friend (who obviously does not know me that well) sent the following letter to me today:

These are not my words, but they are certainly my feelings.

I would only change the greeting address my “Trumpian Frends.” The real Republicans have gone into hiding or are in open rebellion to this administration. The party of Lincoln, Teddy and Ike is rightfully appalled at what has happened in the last 5 years.

To my Republican Friends, I don’t hate you.

I heard from a friend of mine today who thought that one of my recent posts was directed at him. It was not. It was a critique of how quickly the GOP leadership has taken to discredit Kamala Harris and paint her as some sort of radical leftist who hates America. Senator Harris is a fine American, and I believe that she will make a great VP.
This past week, Trump said Biden will “Take away your guns, take away your Second Amendment. No religion, no anything.” This quote from a man who was paying a porn star for sex while his third wife was pregnant with their son.

My Republican friends, I don’t hate you. I don’t dislike you. My problem is not with you, its with Trump and Trumpism. What I really don’t understand is how you continue to support a man who has revealed to us the loathsome narcissist that he really is. He is a dangerous, hateful man who has done all he can to strip away truth, civility, and decorum from our government. Before Trump, there were no alternative facts, there was no fake news. He has sought to vilify and discredit the media, or anyone that opposes him. If something doesn’t agree with his agenda, its fake news. If a fact contradicts him, its “alternative.” He has set the stage to dismantle truth itself so that truth is only what he says it is. We have seen this with COVID. “Its a hoax. The numbers are inflated. It will disappear in the Summer. Kids can’t get it or transmit it to adults. Schools are safe.”
His game plan is and has always been to create a really big lie and hammer down that lie until his followers begin to believe those lies. He and Roger Stone began their little experiment with the birther movement. Make up a lie so big and just hammer it through every conservative media outlet until people believed it. The lie- that Obama was a Muslim, born in Kenya, was a terrorist, and hated America. They demanded that he produce his birth certificate. There never was a shred of evidence for any of these claims and when Obama finally produced his birth certificate, the lie was debunked, but the twisted perception remained.

This was an experiment. It worked. If you can control the narrative, you can control perception. If you can control perception, you can control reality. If you can control reality, then there is no truth. The truth then becomes what they say it is. So that’s where we are now. We have a president who’s plan is to keep us divided while he carries out his agenda of dismantling our institutions. The Senate. The House, the Attorney General. The Supreme Court, The treasury department. Not even the post office is safe.

Trump has normalized many things. Racism, sexism, sexual assault, bigotry, xenophobia. Is this what he meant by making America great again? Where white supremacists and neo Nazis can march in Charlottesville, VA and he says that there are good people on both sides? Since when does any president not denounce Nazis marching in the streets of America? We fought a world war against national socialism, and how here we are dealing with it on our shores. And now he gases peaceful protestors in Washington DC so that he can walk across the street for a photo op in front of a church to show how “Christian” he is? He makes accusations of government corruption but refuses to divest his own business holdings or release his tax returns? And now apparently Roger Stone has found Jesus, fresh from being sprung from federal prison.

Folks, these are dangerous times and we have to be able to see this president for who he is. The one who brags about grabbing women by their genitals without consent. The one that claimed that COVID was a hoax and now 160,000 people are dead with 5 million cases of infection, and yet he still has no plan to contain the virus.

When he shows us who he is, we have to believe him. He’s the man who took the word of Putin over our intelligence agencies. The man who bullies a teenager on twitter. The man who dishonored John McCain’s service as a POW. The man who appoints people to positions in his administration who seem intent on destroying the very organizations they lead ie Betsy DeVoss, Louis DeJoy, etc.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine. I don’t expect people to see the world the way that I do. You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. I call things the way I see em, and the way I see it, if we don’t remove this president, our entire Democracy is in serious trouble. Is Joe Biden perfect? No, but there are no perfect candidates, just like there are no perfect people. Facts matter. Truth matters, and, I will stand up for the truth, no matter how unpopular, seven days a week and twice on Sundays. That’s who I am. So don’t take this personally, but know that I’m not going to sugar-coat anything, I’m not backing down, and I’m not stopping until the job is finished. The way I see it, the best thing we can do to make America great again, is to elect a new president.”

So, where do I start?  Well, first, anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows that, while I am not a never-Trumper, I have never been a Trump-bot.  The archives of my blog posts will prove this.  So keep that in mind as we go over the problems with this letter.

1st __ Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive.  This means he has more in common with the Democrat Party than the supposedly ‘Conservative’ base of the modern GOP.  It also means that Teddy’s crowed would have had little in common with Lincoln, especially right before his death.  So, whoever wrote this has already shown they hold a poor understanding of our political history.

2nd — Harris is not a ‘fine American.’  She hates this country as it was founded, and this is not my opinion.  This is directly from her own words and actions.  That makes this a fact.  So, if you disagree and believe she is a ‘fine American,’ it does not mean we have a difference of opinion: it means you hold an entirely different understanding of the words, fine, and, American.

3rd — Biden has said he will take away your guns.  Harris has openly called for collection of guns at gunpoint.  They are both members of a Party that cheered when it thrice rejected God from its Party platform.  So, again, these are factual statements: Biden/Harris are anti-gun and they are Godless (per their Party platform).  This makes them facts.  If one claims to have a different opinion on the facts, then one is claiming to have a different understanding of what the words behind them mean.

4th — About Trump being a ‘loathsome narcissists:’ pa-lease.  That is a matter of pure opinion, at best.  It is also a statement made while totally ignoring Obama, Fauci, Biden, Harris — heck, the entire Democrat Party and the people in their political organ, otherwise known as, ‘the main stream media.’  If Trump is a narcissist (and he may well be), then the lot of those on the Left are equally so, if not more so.  I would argue that it is the American Left who has done the yeoman’s work of stripping civility from our society — not Trump.  So, OK< we can disagree here, but it is a disagreement over insult, not substance.

5th — There were no alternative facts before Trump?  LOL, there most certainly were!  What you really mean is that, before Trump, no one had the nerve to call out the Left when it lied!  Here again, this is not opinion.  The media has been caught lying over and over again.  Trump has even played video in his meetings to hammer home the Left’s lies, which is why they hate him: he is showing their true face to the American public for the first time since maybe Reagan.  SO, please, don’t accuse Trump of destroying truth.  Your letter, here, is proof that the destruction of truth lies primarily on the Left, not with Trump.

6th — As to your claim that Trump’s game plan being to create a big lie, then hammer it home until people believe it: THAT IS WHAT YOU AND YOUR LEFT-WING IDEOLOGUES DO!  You are projecting here: accusing Trump of what you do.  The COVID-10 virus is the perfect example.  It is not and has never been a big enough threat to warrant the closing down of the nation, yet you on the Left are pushing panic and fear so that you can use it to push an agenda that could never get passed using the democratic process.  Again, the facts on the ground show this is factual, which means it is not open to a disagreement of opinion unless you hold an entirely different understanding of the words behind the issue.

7th — As to Obama’s birth certificate: this is an exelent example.  You and the Left claim the issue has been settled.  Well, it hasn’t!  No one has ever seen his original birth certificate, and what we were shown was fake (that has been established as fact).  So, while Obama may have been born in the U.S., we cannot say it has been proven — because it hasn’t.  What has been proven is that the Left has decreed it a non-issue and now treats everyone who still wants verification as a ‘conspiracy nut.’  That is a big lie hammered until people accept it.

8th — As to controlling the narrative: you are projecting again.  The Left has controlled the narrative for decades.  Trump is the first one since Reagan to have gotten around this control and found a way to speak directly to the American people.  This threatens the Left’s ability to force its agenda on America.  This is why you hate him: not because he has the power the Left actually holds, but because he found a way around you.

9th — Trump is not holding the post office hostage, the Democrats are!  Trump has said he will sign a clean funding bill, but the Democrats insist on using this issue to push their agenda by forcing Americans to pay for more Democratic power/control over the nation.  Once again, this is a fact and not open to opinion.  We know this because both sides have admitted to it publicly.

10th — Trump has not ‘normalized Racism, sexism, sexual assault, bigotry, xenophobia.’  These are more BIG LIES told by the Left and hammered home by their propaganda arm i the MSM.  Once again, the way the Left treated Trump before the election proves that these charges are false, meaning that, once again, this is not open to opinion.  OH!  And one more thing.  Racism and White Supremacy has ALWAYS BEEN A CREATURE OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!  YOU are the haters here, not Trump (and history proves this, as well).

11th — OK, so Trump may or may not have held a photo op for the cameras.  WOW!  You mean the same way EVERY Democrat does?  And Trump mistreats women.  Shock!  You mean to tell me you are now going to disavow Biden for his mistreatment of women?  Or Bill Clinton?  Or all the Democrats in the House and Senate who forced Americans to pay for their sexual assault law suits and then sealed the records so we can’t find out the details?  No?!  SHOCK AGAIN!  You are a hypocrite!  Which means you don’t care about these things unless they can help your cause, and that means you don’t care about them at all.

12th — As to your ramblings about COVID deaths.  If we take out the top 5 States where the death rate is highest, the COVID pandemic in America would be less than that of the flu.  And those top 5 states where nearly 1/2 of ALL deaths have occurred are controlled by DEMOCRATS!  And those governors were hailed as the model of how to deal with the virus.  So, what you are REALLY saying is, THE AMERICAN LEFT BOTCHED THEIR HANDLING OF THE VIRUS, NOW IT WANTS TRUMP TO TAKE THE BLAME!  Here again, the CDC’s own numbers back me up, so this is also FACT!  Not open to opinion.

13th — As to bullying children: if their cowardly parents would not push their children forward as shields so they can use their children to advance their politics, then claim anyone who pushes back is bullying their kids, then this would not be an issue.  So, OK, Trump is a bully of kids — but only if the Left is guilty of child abuse and cowardice.  So, which is it?  Is Trump a bully or not?  Because, if he is, you are a child-abusing coward.

OH!  And about that Russia-Russia-Russia thing.  That is all a lie!  It was the Democrat Party that colluded with Russia and the Ukraine to throw the election for Hillary AND IT HAS NOW BEEN PROVEN!  But the Left-Wing Media will not tell you about it, so you probably don’t know that Obama directed his people to spy on Trump for the purposes of overthrowing him — do you?  BTW: that is called a coup, and it continues today.  AND BIDEN IS PART OF IT!!!

So, please, don’t talk to anyone about how facts matter.  You do not know what a fact is.  You live in a world where definitions and reality are not fixed: they change according to your needs at the moment.  You live on sifting sands.  You call good, evil, and evil, good.  You insist that up is down and down is up and you seek to destroy everyone who disagrees.  Worse, you then claim the moral high ground and feign moral indignation and victim-hood when anyone dares to challenge you.  Well, I just challenged you and I did so using the established definitions of the English langa=uage and the events of the objective world that can be verified as true by anyone who understands and accepts the basic rules of logic.

Now, please, do us all a favor and stop trying to sound reasonable about how we can ‘disagree.’  We don’t even live i the same world, so how can we disagree on anything?  You have to hold a common understanding of a thing before you can disagree on it, and your understanding of things is so alien as to not be recognizable in this world.

I am still not a Trump-bot, but I am forced to confess that President Trump has been much better than I ever anticipated he could be.  I am also convinced that, unless he stops them, the Left will steal the election this November and establish a one-Party dictatorship we will never escape.  I believe it because this is what they have said they will do when they takeover.  And yet, this is not why I wrote this post.  I wrote it because the original lettr is an injustice that good people should not allow to go unchallenged.  There are legitimate reasons to dislike President Trump as a person, but, as a President, the only thing he has done is put America first for a change.  So why would the Left level so many demonstrably false lies against him?  Unless, of course, it is because he is stopping them from taking over the nation like they have said they plan to do…

7 thoughts on “We Literally Live In Two Totally Different Worlds

  1. I don/’t think there two worlds. I think half of the world are too stupid to understand tanstaafl.

    “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”

      • Mussolini tried take over Europe.
        Some years later he was hanging upside down by his heels.
        He didn’t understand rational thought.

        Rational thought slowly reasserts itself over irrational craziness.
        To quote Vivian Leigh: Tomorrow is another day.
        Just stay calm and nudge rationality slowly.
        I’ve bee doing that since 1951. I haven’t been caught yet.

        • True, but then, we are about to enter into a time where — for the first time — the irrational will have the power to take and hold reign over the world for the foreseeable future. It could be a long, long time before rational thought can break through that tyranny.

  2. Irrational thought fails — too many “devils”
    Rational thought applies breaks when needed.
    Not today, but over time.
    Rationality is very heavy — irrationality blows away.

  3. As Always I agree with your article, and feel grateful that and honored to know you as a friend. You articulate what many of us can’t. The gas lighting is real and you are not alone.

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