Joe Biden Goes Nuclear

Joe Biden has attraction problem.

No, this one isn’t related to his attraction to prepubescent children or sniffing women’s hair, this has to do with his base.

His attraction problem is one of an atomic nature – how does he generate the attractive force necessary to keep his nucleus of support together as he defends his platform without creating a repulsive force that pushes his center apart.

I’ve often remarked at how Democrats have been able to unify so many disparate constituencies that have opposing or contradictory goals. Division and keeping each group at arm’s length from each other is the key to their success – but that is only half of their strategy. The other half is actually telling each group how unequal they are as compared to others and how it is only the Democrat Party that can take from one and give to the other to make them “equal”.

The fact that the Democrat Party is a coalition of disparate, single issue groups, stitched together by political promises. They have a history of uniting disparate radical groups who are opposed to what America really is – statists, communists, Marxists, radical black nationalists, counterculture rebels, anarchists, anti-religionists, anti-military – all are part of the Democrat base.

But something is different this time.

In the past, these different constituencies have largely practiced standard Democrat politics – they have been pragmatic about their positions. It is likely they know they are not going to get everything they want from the Democrats, so they are willing to take 60, 70, 80, 90 percent of what they want. They vie with each other to maximize what they receive, but generally they do not compete to the point of conflict. When they took this pragmatic approach, the Democrat’s amalgamated center held.

But today, Biden’s constituents are not driven by pragmatism – they are ideologically driven, and their ideologies are competing to the point of exclusion. No more “win-win” situations, the radical leftists in the Party are now all about “I win, you lose”. With this proposition, the center will not hold, and large segments will begin to spin away.

Ole Hidin’ Biden has not just been hidin’ from President Trump, he has been hiding from his own constituency, desperately trying to avoid the fight between the old-line Democrats and the new radical left of the Party. He has had to tip his hand a little bit by denying that AOC’s Nude Green Eel is part of his platform (even though it is) and having to deny he is a socialist like Bernie (which is angering the Bernie Bros) to fend off attacks by President Trump, but the question is if he can continue to walk such a razor’s edge without falling off to one side or the other.

We’ll have to see if he achieves critical mass in the process.

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