Choose Wisely

The risk of a Democrat dominated government is obvious to all who care to look.

  • Secrecy: they refuse to tell America what their plans and policies are (i.e. court packing). You can learn more by what the refuse to say than what the do.
  • Lack of principles: both Biden and Harris have reversed their positions on long supported beliefs in order to gain power.
  • Inconsistency: This Biden and Harris head a party that constantly demonstrates it will do anything, reverse any position, and tell any lie to gain and hold power. -A permanent Democrat majority: Two things you can believe are that they will try to gain 3 to 4 senators and the lion’s share of House seats by admitting D.C. and Puerto Rico to the Union and that they WILL make the Supreme Court an unelected, super-legislative body.
  • Rule by a Central Committee: Soviet style committees will eliminate the executive, making the Legislative and Judicial branch the dominant governing bodies – and with permanent Democrat majorities in both, America will be under single party rule, just like the USSR. Pelosi, Schumer and AOC and her “squad” will be running the show.
  • Arbitrary and capricious application of laws: Laws will be created and enforced based on identity and whim rather than logic and reason and out-of-favor groups will be persecuted with lawfare. -Government sanctioned discrimination: Disfavored groups will be punished.
  • The end of the Bill of Rights: the First and Second Amendment are gone by EO within the first 100 days. Fifth Amendment rights will be gone through “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions” within two years.
  • The system of federalism established by our Constitution will be gone: States will lose all powers and become little more than administrative districts subservient to the central government in Washington.
  • Punishing public debt, taxation and forced wealth redistribution: I hate our approach to taxation and debt today – but under Democrats, they will adopt Modern Monetary Theory (which says debt doesn’t matter and the government can print all the money it wants), something that will end in disaster – we’re talking the total destruction of the American economy (think Venezuela or the old Wiemar Republic). There is no way they can pay for their policy dreams without crippling taxation and wealth redistribution.
  • Open borders: They are saying this one out loud.

As F.A. Hayek wrote, this form of government is the end of truth and the death of liberty:

“A further point should be made here: Collectivism means the end of truth. To make a totalitarian system function efficiently, it is not enough that everybody should be forced to work for the ends selected by those in control; it is essential that the people should come to regard these ends as their own. This is brought about by propaganda and by complete control of all sources of information.

The most effective way of making people accept the validity of the values they are to serve is to persuade them that they are really the same as those they have always held, but which were not properly understood or recognized before. And the most efficient technique to this end is to use the old words but change their meaning. Few traits of totalitarian regimes are at the same time so confusing to the superficial observer and yet so characteristic of the whole intellectual climate as this complete perversion of language.

The worst sufferer in this respect is the word “liberty.” It is a word used as freely in totalitarian states as elsewhere. Indeed, it could almost be said that wherever liberty as we know it has been destroyed, this has been done in the name of some new freedom promised to the people. Even among us we have planners who promise us a “collective freedom,” which is as misleading as anything said by totalitarian politicians. “Collective freedom” is not the freedom of the members of society but the unlimited freedom of the planner to do with society that which he pleases. This is the confusion of freedom with power carried to the extreme. It is not difficult to deprive the seat majority of independent thought. But the minority who will retain an inclination to criticize must also be silenced. Public criticism or even expressions of doubt must be suppressed because they tend to weaken support of the regime. As Sidney and Beatrice Webb report of the position in every Russian enterprise: “Whilst the work is in progress, any public expression of doubt that the plan will be successful is an act of disloyalty and even of treachery because of its possible effect on the will and efforts of the rest of the staff.”

As the ancient Templar Knight told Indiana Jones, “Choose wisely.”

5 thoughts on “Choose Wisely

  1. This complete change of ruling has the chance of taking over our government after any election, but I hope and pray that enough Americans on November 3rd will “choose wisely”.

  2. Every election someone says this is the most important election in our lifetime. This election actually is.

  3. for clarity …

    Liberty is an inalienable right from God, a foundational principle in the creation of the United States Constitution, unique in the governance of nations

    Freedom is the absence of laws and regulations that would define or constrain individual choice

    The terms are not interchangeable and have not the same meaning in the history of self government. They work together, but are not the same. Imagine a nation founded on the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness …what could go wrong?

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