Weekend Musings – Week 40

Couple of interesting things from over the weekend.

First, I was catching up on my podcasts and was listening to Dan Bongino’s podcast from Friday. He chronicled a call he received from a NYT reporter who wanted to talk about the leftist/anarchist violence ongoing in several cities around the country.

As a quick digression, I should note that this pairing is a pretty odd thing – supporters of total government and no government would seem to be a marriage made in Hell – UNLESS they share the same near term goal, which they do – the total destruction of the current system of government.

I know – contradictory, right?

But as I have noted over and over, progressivism is based on contradiction, mutual exclusivity and the cognitive dissonance that follows.

But back to Mr. Bongino – the Times reporter was not interested in the violence, per se, he was interested in trying to frame the violence being fomented by conservative outlets reporting on the violence, sort of a cart before the horse proposition. He was trying to find a way to blame conservative media, and Trump, for making things even more violent because we noticed – the standard “Republicans seize/Republicans pounce” sort of approach.

As Jim Treacher once tweeted, “When Republicans screw up, that’s the story. When Democrats screw up, the Republicans’ reaction is the story.”

I got to thinking about how this is probably going to be the way the crap storm starts as we approach the election. The Democrats have pushed their shock troops to the edge of mental stability (increasingly, there are a few trickling over the edge) and if Trump wins, which I think he will, that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. All Hell is going to break loose. I truly believe the Democrats want an “Arab Spring” sort of event where Trump is arrested, dragged into the streets, then imprisoned at best or given the Gaddafi treatment at worst.

There are a lot of these folks who have been spoon-fed hyperbolic lies and complete myths about what they believe and on what their “movement” are based – to the point they are impervious to facts. Most are mentally are hanging on by a thread. The Democrats have created armies of James K. Hodgkinsons (the guy who shot Steve Scalise and others at a congressional baseball practice) and put them on the street.

In a weaponized take on the Observer’s Paradox, count on it being reported as the fault of the GOP for noticing.

The second thing was Glenn Beck’s Saturday interview podcast with Gad Saad, the Lebanese-Canadian evolutionary psychologist, and Saad’s new book, “The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense”. The Amazon description of the book is this:

“Dr. Gad Saad, the host of the enormously popular YouTube show THE SAAD TRUTH, exposes the bad ideas—what he calls “idea pathogens”—that are killing common sense and rational debate. Incubated in our universities and spread through the tyranny of political correctness, these ideas are endangering our most basic freedoms—including freedom of thought and speech. The danger is grave, but as Dr. Saad shows, politically correct dogma is riddled with logical fallacies. We have powerful weapons to fight back with—if we have the courage to use them.”

The interesting thing is that Saad’s premises are being played out on the streets for all to see – sort of a real time, human lab experiment – and as I noted about progressivism being founded on contradiction and falsehood, he highlights the logical fallacies sold to university students and protesters alike as facts and truths, but that are eminently refutable.

I recommend Professor Saad’s book (available on Amazon and Audible) – I’m reading it now – and if you don’t want to invest that time, you should still listen to Beck’s October 10 podcast with Saad “The Science Behind Why People Love Biden & Hate Trump” (it is an information packed hour).

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