Flag On The Play

It is well known that President Trump is a counter-puncher. If you hit him, he is going to hit back harder – and for many casual observers (and that is most of the electorate) that is the problem.

Think of it this way – you are attending a football game and the game is hotly contested. Deep in the fourth quarter, and at the one yard line, the fullback goes off-tackle and disappears into the pile covering the goal line, but while the officials are focused on untangling the sweaty pile of humanity to see if the ball crossed the line for a score, in the pile and out of view of the officials, a defensive lineman punches the running back in the nether regions.

Predictably, when the running back gets back to his feet, he tracks the lineman down, shoves the ball in the lineman’s face mask and takes a swing at him – right in front of the referee.

Of course, the officials didn’t see the first exchange, so the flag goes against the running back for a personal foul and instead of scoring the TD, the ball is moved back 15 yards.

President Trump has been getting punched in the gonads by the Jackass Football Team (Democrats, NeverTrumpers, etc) for four years now – and in every case, the game officials, made up of the mass and social media have ignored the punches to the nards and the only see Trump’s retaliation, calling a personal foul and sending his efforts back 15 yards every single time.

It’s not that the entity throwing the first punch shouldn’t be given a hard shot to remind him that a man’s twig and berries should be kept sacredly off limits, it is just that American society has become so used to seeing Trump get called for the foul, he now has a reputation as a dirty, rage filled, vulgarian player who deserves to be penalized. Many of those people think he has piled up enough penalties and he should be ejected from the game on November 3, 2020.

Jim Treacher famously tweeted that “When a Republican screws up, that’s the story. When a Democrat screws up, the GOP’s reaction is the story.” That’s what has been at play here for the entire Trump term. The REACTION to Trump has been demonstrably worse than anything Trump has done.

Trump has endured first punches from NeverTrumpers, the Obama/Biden DOJ, the Intel community, Robert Mueller, the Democrat-controlled House Intel committee, former cabinet and staff members – and probably most importantly, the mass and social media – the game officials themselves.

It’s hard to win when the people who toss the yellow hankies are pulling for the other team.

All in all, it is amazing that the President has accomplished anything at all over the past four years. That’s why I think he deserves another four years with a GOP House and Senate blocking for him. I know all of that is a long shot, but in politics, as in football, sometimes the 1975 Oakland Raiders* win.

* For non-football fans, the Raiders of the 70’s are generally rated as one of the dirtiest, if not THE dirtiest, NFL football teams of all time.

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