Election by Ephor

Democrats got exactly what they wanted – an election yielding chaos and an outcome that is impossible to verify or validate. It is an amazing kind of fraud that allows the patina of “following the rules” while allowing manipulation of votes.

Their answer to challenges?

“Shut up, bitter clinger. You are an enemy of democracy. Just trust us. Our Ephors and their oracle from Mount Statistica have spoken. Dementia Joe is your king.”

That is an answer that doesn’t work for me.

Yesterday I stated, among other things, that Republicans never win a close race when Democrats are in charge of the electoral process. If you recall, there were several cases in 2016 and 2016 where GOP candidates went to bed on election night with seemingly safe margins only to awake behind by several points.

California did it with ballot harvesting, manipulating ballots AFTER the election, Democrats did this one by sowing ballots BEFORE the election. The former was not practical in widespread manipulation because it could be witnessed as it happened, the latter is impossible to detect – once those seeded ballots get into the collection system, there is no way possible to remove them.

Add to that the killing of the signature matching process, the monkeyshines with the postmark (or no postmark at all) and allowing extra time for receipt and counting of ballots and you have all the ingredients for cryptic future that can only be interpreted by Spartan Ephors and a smoking hot, scantily clad oracle chick (possessing as much integrity as the characters in the movie “300”).

I have no direct proof these Democrats are putting their thumbs on the scale for Dementia Joe – but the problem is, with the way ballot control/security has been handled in the problem states, there is no way to prove they are not. Turnout hitting 80% plus in areas with a historical turnout of 40-60% and substantial vote dumps (100,000 votes or more) that are 100% for one candidate hitting the counts, fall in a category the 90’s musical group C+C Music Factory called, “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” People who know statistics know that situations like this are astronomically improbable in a random distribution of votes, and strongly suggest some outside force causing it.

When I think about the lengths the Democrats have gone over the past four years to get rid of this President – the spying, the lying, the fabrications, the use of government and the courts as weapons, the Democrat Speaker ripping up the State of the Union speech on live national television, the marches, riots, the daily attacks from the left wing media seeking his removal “by any means necessary” – believing that a Democrat governor and other Democrat state officials wouldn’t gladly go behind closed doors to tweak an election and tilt it toward their chosen candidate doesn’t seem out of the question.

As a matter of fact, it seems a lot like child’s play.

Officials like Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf have exactly the same ethical standards as Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, James Comey or Adam Schiff – which is to say, none at all.

We have been a divided nation for decades, the previous election results show that – but now that it is clear one party is willing to break every written and unwritten rule to gain power, we are officially two separate people simply trying to coexist under nearly impossible circumstances. This is more than a deep political division, it is a forced separation of intellect, morality and souls.

When cynicism takes over, segregation and isolation isn’t far behind. It is then the bellum omnium in omnia (the war of all things against all things) of which Thomas Jefferson wrote begins.

Nations rarely heal from wounds this deep. In most cases, loss of confidence and trust in the electoral process is the last straw.

I pray for my country and her people.

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