Say It Ain’t So, Joe…

Say it ain’t so, Joe.

You do not get to ask me for calm and unity after four solid years of your side calling the President and his supporters (me) racists, bigots, traitors and worse. You do not get to libel America as being a hub of systemic racism and throwing your support behind the absurd ideas of Critical Race Theory as a defense.

You do not get away with creating chaos in our streets and then blaming us for noticing and pointing out the absurdity of blaming conservatives for riots and looting that occur in Democrat run states and cities.
You do not get away with constantly telling America that her problems are due to me and people like me.

Above all, you do not get to put yourself forward as the great hope to return honor to America after 1) being neck deep in your son’s influence peddling in China and Ukraine and then 2) playing a central role in one of, if not the greatest political scandals in our history – using the government you and Barack Obama commanded to spy on a political opponent.

As the lady in the esurance commercial said, “That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.”

You have much in common with your former boss, Barack Obama. You are not a real person. As was he, you are the creation of a corporate media that simply refused to look at your failures or even consider the reasons you remained locked in your basement for the entire campaign. You were never challenged on your actions regarding your son’s dealings, nor were you forced to explain your policies in any degree of detail.

Anything that might have been cause for people to reevaluate support for you was simply not talked about or dismissed out of hand as a “conspiracy theory”. The same went for your running mate, Kamala Harris, who, other than a ninety-minute debate, was kept behind a wall of frosted glass and away from prying eyes, lest she open her cakehole, accidentally express the truth and ruin the illusion.

We do know about your nearly half a century in public life, and from that we know about your failed presidential campaigns, the plagiarism, the lies about your personal history, the inconsequential political career and the fact you were known as the Senator from MBNA for the work you did on behalf of your friends in the credit card industry.

You are a fraud, Joe. You always have been. You always will be – at least until you step down just before the 2022 mid-term elections for “health reasons”, Kamala gets to become the first POC female president, and you ride into the sunset after being hailed as a progressive hero for defeating Smaug, the Bad Orange Dragon. Yep. Right up there with FDR, Obama and the Kennedy family.

The only place people like you can survive is in a swamp…and D.C. is a perfect environment for you.

We are supposed to elect people whom we believe are somehow uniquely qualified to lead a nation, honorable, upright people who are better than us, people who will lead America down a prosperous path.
How two people so lacking in any of these qualities and representatives of a political party that is little different from organized crime, were chosen to lead this nation will always be a question.

Your administration will be forever stained by the question of fraud – and whether it is ever proven to have happened, the lack of curiosity of your sycophantic media friends and your party’s complete lack of explanation for the ubiquitous appearances that it did will be more than enough for reasonable people to question your legitimacy. Your party lied and fabricated information to make President Trump’s election look illegitimate, the difference being that evidence that yours is, in fact, illegitimate was brazenly laid out in front of the American people. Statistics textbooks will have to be rewritten to explain what happened in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

I mentioned yesterday that for a progressive Democrat, “unity” means the same as “bipartisanship” to them. It means agreeing with them to do whatever it is they want to do.

I am sorry, I will not allow you to piss down my neck and tell me it is raining.

It just does not work that way. Any of it.

The only unity I am interested in is experienced through the love and defense of the Constitution of the United States of America, something of which contemporary Democrats are completely incapable.

Maybe Trump goes for MAGA2024, maybe it is someone else – maybe we have a Cubano ticket featuring Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis.

But c’mon man, here’s the deal, you know the thing – let us not pretend we are friends.

Because we are not.

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