Alas, Poor Fox News. I Knew Them, Horatio.

I have obtained exclusive time-lapse behind the scenes video of Fox News. This condensed two-minute video was taken over the past week, beginning the the morning of November 3rd. As the day progresses, around 1:10 in the video, you will see Arnon Mishkin, the Democrat who runs Fox News’ Decision Desk, announcing Fox’s call of Arizona going to Biden about 15 minutes after the polls closed.

Shortly thereafter, you will see Fox News’ Chief Political Editor, Chris Stirewalt saying to Brit Hume that “We’re just that damn good” as he and Mishkin continue to defend the early calls for Biden and why they held off calling Florida for Trump for hours even though Trump was up by 3 points with 97% of the votes in and only the historically red panhandle region left to count.

As a Fox News devotee since it began, I must admit to feeling more than a little sorrow while watching the post-Roger Ailes Fox News tearing itself apart. Like this YouTube video, Fox News has gone from “Fair and Balanced” to “Fairly Unbalanced”. I guess the Murdock kids, NeverTrumper Bill Sammon and Paul Ryan are trying to move closer to CNN – because that territory is so underserved by CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, the NYT, WaPo, the LA Times, USA Today, Huffpo, Media Matters, Buzzfeed, Politco and the Daily Beast.

I mean, there have to be at least a dozen Democrats who haven’t seen or heard about the latest reason why OrangeManBad is bad.
But like historian Robert Conquest’s Second Law of Politics states: “Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.”

I, like many conservatives, counted on Fox to provide a conservative perspective through news analysis during prime time while reporting straight news during the day.

Well, now that it feels it is safe to do so, Fox News is giving its conservative audience a bigly middle finger and a yuge FU. This is an audience that was the network’s very reason for coming into existence in 1996 and has provided the Roger Ailes/Rupert Murdock creation with its stunning success over the past 24 years.

The brain trust at Fox is telling its audience if you don’t like the “flavor” of a progressive leaning “decision desk”, and its turn to being anti-Trump now that it is safe to do so while featuring the brilliant insight and dull witted partisan analysis that Juan Williams and Donna Brazile bring to the party, GFY redneck.

President Trump’s legal challenges to the Democrat’s election chicanery may well fail but Fox’s continual reporting that the President “refuses to accept the reality that Joe Biden is the President Elect” (he isn’t until the Electoral College decides he is) and Trump’s challenges are “without evidence of widespread fraud” (which there is). Reporterette Kristen Fisher, Fox’s White House correspondant, is particularly slanted. Now that Trump is vulnerable, Fisher is almost indistinguishable from Hallie Jackson at MSNBC or Kristen Welker at NBC.

I caught a few minutes of “The Five” the other day and I thought the brilliant and wonderful Katie Pavlich was going to come off her seat and strangle Williams with her bare hands for his fact-free and completely idiotic rant about how Democrats would never treat Trump the way Trump is treating the media anointed “President Elect” Asterisk Robinette Dementia.

I used to be amazed when former Fox people left to work at other outlets, only to become completely different people. Alyson Camerota is a perfect example – she projected a conservative front as she co-hosted Fox and Friends Weekend for a long time but when denied a long term gig at the weekday F&F, she jumped to CNN and became just another CNN leftie.

There are exceptions – Catherine Herridge went to CBS and seems to have continued her award winning tradition of straight up reporting. She has broken several stories that I imagine made the CBS brass uncomfortable, so it remains to see how long she lasts at CBS.

One wonders how long Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, Mark Levin, Greg Gutfeld and Steve Hilton will hang around.

Kind of makes you think the contemporary “news” is theater and the “free press” at the outlets are just actors. “News” is entertainment, with outlets tailoring their product to what their audience wants. It’s like selling laundry detergent.

I just want a news outlet that tells the truth.

Fox News used to be that.

RIP Fox News.

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