White Collar

There is significant (and mounting) evidence that fraud was committed in the 2020 election to the benefit of the Democrat presidential candidate – but the Dementia Joe favoring media does not want you do understand that. The problem for the media is that, other than not being very smart, in the very lose and unsecured process the Democrats have created nobody can conclusively prove there was no fraud. The media says, “there is no evidence” – and in a sense, they are correct, but only if you accept their premise.

The premise the media and Democrats want you to accept is that of a street crime, of some masked criminal physically altering ballots, tossing Trump ballots in the garbage, or nondescript rental vans delivering bundles of counterfeit ballots to a counting facility. But that is not what this is.

This is not street crime; this is white collar crime.

Forget a street mugging and think money laundering. Less Boris and Natasha and more Bernie Madoff.

Some of the white-collar crimes begin with some big event, most do not. The biggest money laundering scheme to date – an estimated $380 billion by Wachovia Bank – began with a major drug bust in 2006, when a DC-9 jet was intercepted in the Gulf of Mexico and found to be chock full of 5.7 tons of cocaine, but those of us old enough to remember the 1990 $28 billion BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) laundering scheme, know it was uncovered by the accounting firm of Price Waterhouse when they suspected the bank was falsifying transactions. As it turned out, BCCI was laundering money for the terrorist Abu Nidal and tyrants like Saddam Hussein and Samuel Doe.

The point being is that there is a reason the FBI and the SEC employ legions of forensic accountants, mathematicians, statisticians and computer nerds. These folks use mathematical models and computer technology to analyze patterns and anomalies in mass amounts of number data to deduce where possible criminal activity exists and then these agencies build physical investigations based on the evidence from the nerdgasms in the server farms.

Let us say, for example, a forensic accountant is faced with reams of seemingly random financial data. There is no smoking gun, no bullet or body to analyze, no fingerprint evidence of Boris and Natasha setting the tripwire for the bomb intended for Rocky and Bullwinkle. How would they go about finding the root of a crime – or if one even existed?

When a forensic accountant is trying to track illicit funds through a sea of paperwork and numbers on spreadsheets, they use link analysis. Link analysis is a data-analysis technique used to evaluate relationships (connections) between nodes. Nodes (objects) are common within computer networks but they can also be recognized as organizations, people and transactions. Link analysis has been used for investigation of criminal activity (fraud detection, counterterrorism, and intelligence), computer security analysis, search engine optimization, market research, medical research, and art. Link analysis software combines observations of unusual digital financial transactions, customer profiling and statistics to generate probabilities of illegal behavior.

Just because criminals are evil, that does not make them stupid. Most white-collar schemers are brilliant. The same goes for Democrats. The smart ones never leave fingerprints and always create plausible deniability – always. Asymmetrical events can accomplish common goals without the appearance of coordination, a common model in the world of terrorism.

That is why the mathematicians and statisticians who are raising concern about the election data from the “battleground” states merit attention (Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai of MIT conducted a brilliant Facebook live video on November 10 that is a must-watch). These folks are seeing something that just does not look right, things that just do not add up, especially given the anomalies they are seeing cannot be explained with historical data – or even projections based on that data. Something so unique has happened that it warrants investigation and explanation. Maybe it was not fraud or a crime, but it is significant enough that it just can’t be explained away without some study.

Since the leadership of our country and the integrity of future elections is at risk here, an investigation must be done NOW. The DOJ and independent universities should bring the full weight of their computer and analytical powers to bear on this situation immediately.

The media will continue to cover for their masters, the Democrat Party, they are hoping you will continue looking for Boris and Natasha and forget about the math. They believe the statistical concepts at play are just too complex for you to understand just how important they are.

The “Party of Science” does not want you to do the math.

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