The Blob

America is two, very distinct, very separate countries now. The left half of the country thinks the other half are racists, bigots and fascists and the other half just shakes their head in disbelief and wishes the left half would invest in some mirrors.

We are not separated by class, race or economic status, we are separated by ideologies that simply cannot be reconciled, one existing in constructs based on fantasy and myth and the other in a hard reality based in natural law and history.

In “The Ballad of East and West”, Rudyard Kipling wrote:

“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet…”

This first line is often quoted without the context of the final three lines of the stanza. Those are:

“Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God’s great Judgment Seat;

But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth,

When two strong men stand face to face, though they come from the ends of the earth!”

Kipling noted that at the level of life’s lowest common denominator, two warriors facing each other in single combat, nothing else matters.

America once could find that common denominator. America stood alone against a sea of troubles, a stabilizing force in a world of conflict. We understood that, no matter our differences, we were always the same when faced with a threat.

But we have never faced an internal threat as strong and as dangerous as we face today. The left in America has decided the right is so deserving of contempt and disdain, they no longer engage in debate, preferring to use their control over the media to simply erase access to any information they deem unhelpful. They dishonestly assign worst motives to their opponents as a justification for ignoring them and avoiding any challenges on an intellectual level.

History has proven over and over that their social, cultural and economic policies are disasters – often existentially so – but try showing them that evidence. You just get anger and they dig in even deeper. They aren’t invested in being right, their total commitment is on you being wrong.

I honesty can’t figure out if the left is really evil or just locked in with weapons grade dumbass (aka extreme stupidity). I would prefer they be evil because evil can be defeated. I know how to do that with God’s help. I can’t fight WGD because in a WGD world, there are no rules, rhymes or reason. It just is. WGD exists in a realm based in ever-changing emotion where, on a whim, up is down and right is left. You can’t reason with it, you can’t make it understand. The goalposts are mounted on casters.

On top of that, WGD easily aggregates into formless amoeba-like mobs that feed on emotional irrationality, mobs that don’t want to think, only to feel, floating around and responding only to random stimuli.

In 2020, we live in the the 1958 horror flick, “The Blob”.

You can’t fight it or reconcile with our version of the Blob. You can only kill it or avoid it.

And as my granddaddy used to say, “Son, some people are only alive because it is illegal to kill them.”

The sooner we figure that out, the sooner we all can have peace.

3 thoughts on “The Blob

  1. MIchael,
    The WGD is the most astounding thing to me as well. Glad you put a clear name on it. The most difficult thing for me to accept is how well educated people do not seek any truth. They are all style over substance, not seeing the forest for the trees. The way they have embraced the Covid 19 Nightmare is a perfect example of it. The true science of the immune system, along with thousands of years of human existence has been thrown out the window. I am baffled and fighting to stay positive. Thanks for your words of common sense.

  2. I am in NW Florida and have noticed something kind of new here. I am 69 and for most of my life, I have had different opinions than a large group of the people I exist around. However, since around 2000, instead of simply disagreeing with me, I seem to sense that there could be something physical if I express my feelings. The first 20-25 years of my life I felt very liberal and always voted Democratic. Since the early to mid 70’s I have voted and identified as conservative. There are plenty of liberals here and it has caused me to quit “debating politics” completely. I hope this returns to a society that is easier to live in during my life, but I doubt it will.

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