Your Brain on Communism

Let us be clear, while they may call themselves liberals, progressives or Democrats, these people are little more than doctrinaire communists, sharing the same goals as the Soviet or Maoist communists of our recent past. I have long believed and stated that a progressive is just a communist with better public relations.

What is simply undeniable is that the ideas, the policies and the cultural transformations these self-identified progressives profess, support, and enact are indistinguishable in their outcomes from the precepts of Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Marx. They simply use clever turns of phrases and linguistic deconstruction to hide their true motives.

In perhaps the greatest contradictory mental gymnastics of all time, they demand adherence to exacting compliance with recognized definitions while simultaneously treating the definition of unhelpful words as if they can mean anything, and I mean anything, they need them to be (unsurprisingly, George Orwell described this characteristic in “1984” as “doublethink”. For example, they will say socialism (a variant of communism) isn’t really socialism because the government does not literally own the means of production (it does not own a specific company or industry), even though through laws and the administrative law, the rules and regulations promulgated by unelected bureaucrats, are used to force the company or industry to perform as if the government did own it.

It is a distinction without a difference.

This process is an intentional attempt to camouflage their ideology’s kinship with communism, verifiably the single deadliest ideology ever conceived by mankind.

How do they do it? How did America get to edge of this abyss?

The fact is that before communists can physically take over a nation, they must first take over the mind of the individual. The must create communism of the mind before they enact communism of the physical body and then the body politic.

Communism of the mind is what Orwell described as “groupthink”. In Orwell’s “1984” world, groupthink was enforced by Ministry of Truth (which created lies) – but group think is a human fallibility that is alive and well in our world today – and it is used to great effect by communists in their quest to infect the independent mind. The contemporary definition of group think is this: groupthink is a phenomenon that occurs when a group of well-intentioned people make irrational or non-optimal decisions spurred by the urge to conform or the belief that dissent is impossible.

A major component of communism of the mind is forcing an individual to care about something he does not, or would not normally, care about.

Perhaps the greatest example of freedom of the individual mind is a negative ability – the ability to not think, care or be concerned about things of which they have no concern – things that do not affect their lives in any way. Whether is it same sex marriage, transgenderism, or wearing a mask – if I, as an individual, do not care about any of these things because they do not affect my life in any way, to enforce the collectivist/communistic desires of the committed communist, I must be made to care because the groupthink of the collective demands I care.

Laws only have force and meaning because we give them force and meaning. If I don’t care about a thing, but the collective does care about that thing, the only way to force me to abide by the collective’s rules of caring is to force me to become a member of the collective. Please note that the forces driving the communistic transformation may not care about the thing at all, most often they do not, but they use that “care” as an excuse to force the tall blades of grass to conform, to be cut down to be even with the other blades of grass.

If every member of a communistic society must care about the same things, it also means that there can be no lack of caring, i.e. no dissent, within a communist socioeconomic system. As F.A. Hayek noted in “The Road to Serfdom”:

“If people are to support the common effort without hesitation, they must be convinced that not only the end aimed at but also the means chosen are the right ones. The official creed, to which adherence must be enforced, will therefore comprise all the views about facts on which the plan is based. Public criticism or even expressions of doubt must be suppressed because they tend to weaken public support.”Notice that Hayek not only draws attention to outright public criticism of the actions of the collective, he notes that “even expressions of doubt must be suppressed because they tend to weaken public support.”

Does that not sound like what Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the other Internet oligarchs are doing right now? For example, the communist tech tyrants are not just suppressing factual material about the 202o election and its aftermath; they are suppressing anything counter to the collective’s accepted narrative – they are banning “expressions of doubt”.

Not to sound too much like Alex Jones (just because he is a conspiracy nutter does not mean he was wrong about some things), there is a war for your mind.

We should recognize the war for our minds for what it is – it is as much a war with death and casualties as any war that has come before and we can quantify the damage it brings by the hundreds of millions of dead and the economic destruction communism has wrought and continues to wreak on the world.

2 thoughts on “Your Brain on Communism

  1. After decades in the ‘alternative health’ field I had to get a job late in life to make ends meet. I became a bank teller under the mistaken belief that most people working in the bank would be logical and savvy about economics and, face it, for the insurance benefits. I have never met a bigger bunch of communist-leaning people in my life! There is a weird hatred of corporations but a love of the paternalistic action of said corporations. It’s very sad to see people who are so underinformed and over socialized. I am always in some sort of trouble for my beliefs. I thought I understood the groupthink, but I was more insulated than I realized. I understand now and you are correct. Yes, I’m trying to find something else.

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