Welcome to the Technocracy

Progressives have tried for years to declare anything they don’t like a “public health crisis”. They have tried to declare gun violence (defined by them as private ownership of firearms) a “public health crisis”.
But racism is in vogue now as this season’s best virtue signaling couture, so every progressive official desires to cloak themselves in anti-racism. They have targeted “racism” as a public health crisis.

By the definitions they use in these instances, anything – and I mean anything from McDonald’s fries to smoke from your BBQ grill – has the potential to be declared a “public health crisis that, in the mind of a government entity, must be controlled or eliminated for the good of the public at large.

The ineffective Democrat mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, Greg Fischer, undoubtedly due to the pressure in the wake of the Breonna Taylor shooting, has now officially declared racism a public health crisis.
If you haven’t figured it out by now, progressives have little interest in constitutional governance – or public health – as demonstrated by how they continue to break the pandemic related dictates they enforce on people who do not agree with them.

Know your place serf. The rules are for thee, not for me.

Progressives have no interest in anything that doesn’t give them more power – they just want to rule. That’s it. Bottom line. They just want power over as many people as they can grab.

And like a little kernel of Soviet AI code imbedded in those shriveled little progressive brains, those little autocratic tyrants are learning as they observe and with every nanosecond that passes, the AI code expands and takes over ever more of the limited supply of brain cells.

The little autocratic tyrant that lives inside every progressive public official has been intently watching with what governors and mayors of certain progressively ruled states and cities are getting away. They have been watching Newsom, Whitmer, Cuomo, Murphy, Eric Garcetti, Jenny Durkan, and all the other local officials who are cracking down on churches and fining and/or arresting gym owners and resturaunteurs for the criminal act of opening their businesses and seeing that there are no repercussions for their actions.

The Soviet AI in the American progressive brain is learning quickly and well.

The reason officials declare things that have nothing to do with public health (anything they don’t like) as “public health crises” is that the have learned that public health laws allow extreme actions, most of which are dubiously constitutional, and give officials at all levels the plenary power to confiscate, ban, and control people – power over personal behavior of people and their property – extending even to their commercial actions.

These laws were always anticipated to be short term actions in the event of some discrete emergency, but these Soviet AI’s have found ways to extend the authority based on these laws into perpetuity – and to allow virtually anything – all ostensibly to “keep you safe”. Their incentives are to find and keep as many public health “crises” going as possible.

And the hell of it is, they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. The have adopted the “try and stop me” attitude that was so prevalent during the Obama years.

Public health “emergencies” create a new opportunity for technocratic rule. Technocratic rule is based on the edicts of experts, essentially creating a superior class of technocrats controlled by dictators at the top. As long as the technocrats please their masters, they are awarded with status, influence, power and position within the technocracy.

From the writings of H.G. Wells to F.A. Hayek to Ayn Rand, we were warned about this very thing.

Hayek would recognize the resurgence and rehabilitation of Dr. Anthony Fauci as a prime example of his proposition that in such a situation, “[T]he only tastes which are satisfied are the taste for power as such and the pleasure of being obeyed and of being part of a well-functioning and immensely powerful machine to which everything else must give way.”

If one critically examines Fauci’s pronouncement since he rose to prominence, it would appear that this scientific and medical technocrat has made his decisions based on successive coin flips, often saying things today that are diametrically opposed to what he said a few months ago.

Technocrats like Fauci, people who are deep state bureaucrats first and scientists and doctors second, are dangerous. They are the real “public health crisis” in this nation. When the Constitution is abandoned in favor of the politicized variety of “science”, science that is invoked and ignored based on political utility, America becomes a dictatorship.

From Hayek to Rand, predictions abound about a time when the worst get on top.

Sadly, that time has come.

One thought on “Welcome to the Technocracy

  1. “… shriveled little progressive brains…” This is evocative but also becoming true due to the lack of oxygen whilst wearing their face diapers with so much pride.

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