There is a Storm Coming

I believe President Trump won the election.

Emotionally, I believe it. I simply can’t buy that the differences in public support didn’t matter – Biden campaigning from his basement, and when he did come to the surface, drawing literally tens of people to his scripted 15 minute Teleprompter (which he had trouble reading) events and the President drawing standing room only crowds of over 50,000 everywhere he went (at all hours of the day) for events where he spoke extemporaneously for hours.

Rationally, I can deduce that the President won through the math, the statistical analysis and the factual reporting of how certain states invited fraud though “no excuse” mail in voting, changes in their ballot validation processes, courts usurping the responsibility of state legislators to make election law, and state executives allowing ballots to be counted long after the statutory deadlines have passed.

But neither of these matter – all that matters is what can be proven.

And it won’t be proven.

The Democrats and their sycophantic propaganda arm, the America media (and I include Fox News in that as well) have changed the narrative from “there is no evidence of fraud” to “there is not enough evidence of fraud to change the outcome of the election.”

And the second one is right.

The scam was brilliant.

The Democrats spent the year before the election in Democrat controlled state legislatures and Democrat favorable state courts loosening voting laws and weakening ballot/voter validation. Anything that could leave an audit trail was weakened to the point of uselessness or eliminated entirely.

And the GOP did nothing because they fear the charges of “voter disenfranchisements’ and “voter suppression” that the Democrats always drag out in tandem with charges of “racism” (as they have done in every election since the New Yorker ran an article on October 3, 1964 that stopped just short of calling Barry Goldwater a racist but explicitly alleging he was running a racist campaign supported by racists).

No audit trail, no validation of voter eligibility before the counting, no validation of ballots during the counts, ballots being “dumped” by the truckload from God knows where, counting going on for indeterminate amounts of time (some are still going on) – all provided a path to mix batches of illegal votes with the population of legal votes in such a way they never can be separated. As they say, one cannot un-ring a bell.

That was the brilliance of the whole scam.

We know they did it, they know they did it. They know we can’t prove it. That is why the Democrats are so calm and docile now, treating the election as if it is a fiat accompli – because it is.

I don’t know for a fact that widespread election fraud occurred – I can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt with smoking guns, but using those same standards, I also do not know for a fact it didn’t – because there is a preponderance of circumstantial evidence that it did.

The problem for Democrat’s and Joe Biden is the inconclusivity, the ambiguous nature, of the outcome of this election.

People don’t like feeling they were cheated – and over half of America fells cheated, including some 30% of Democrats who polls show, also feel there was fraud.

Governance can be accomplished in two ways – the consent of the governed or coercive force. The former requires the faith and belief of the people, the latter only the barrel of a gun.

The faith and belief of the people requires government to achieve, maintain, and protect credibility of its policies and practices, and to guard against the temptations to abuse those policies and practices for its own benefit. Beyond a specific vote count, the various state governments where fraud is suspected did not do that, actually, as noted earlier, partisan actors within those stated did everything possible to open the door to abuse with partisan benefit the goal and the prize.

This was an election coming on the heels of months of tyranny vested upon the public as a result of the abuse of (often archaic and unconstitutional) public health laws. It comes on the heals of local District Attorneys refusing to prosecute property crimes under the guise that “necessities” were stolen. It comes on the heels of riots and looting where law enforcement was told to stand down because looting is a form of “reparations”. It comes on the heels of months of convicted criminals and alleged offenders being released into the streets under the guise of the pandemic and criminal justice “reform”.

Arbitrary and capricious enforcement of law is indistinguishable from lawlessness.

The combination of these events has given rise to a very large segment of America that is completely dissatisfied, disaffected, and disconnected to the point of peaceful resistance if possible – but something stronger if forced upon them.

There is an exchange from a TV series I have enjoyed, “Longmire”, based on a series of books by Craig Johnson. In the scene, Sheriff Longmire and one of his deputies, nicknamed “The Ferg”, are on the side of the road and there is a massive thunderstorm building across the high plains of Wyoming.

The Ferg says, “There’s a storm coming, Walt.”

In his trademark long-suffering, laconic style, Longmire says, “There is always a storm coming, Ferg.”

I have friends who are thinking thoughts about the mechanism of that resistance in ways I could not have conceived before the election. They are not violent insurrectionists, but they are people who now own firearms because they believe them necessary to protect their families and their property. These folks have lost confidence in government and have internalized their anger.

I don’t see a way around it now.

I do not know what shape or form it will take.

There is a storm coming.

7 thoughts on “There is a Storm Coming

  1. I understand your point but what can we do now? It’s chilling the way politics has intruded so far into real life. I admit I don’t trust my coworkers anymore, for example, since they made it clear they are fine with cheating to win an election and they cheer the arbitrary mandates perpetrated upon us by our governor. My problem is always one of timing. When is it time to act? This frog wants to jump out of the pot before its goose is cooked .

    • Excuse me, Mr. Frog, but what the hell are you doing sitting in a pot in the first place? Is not the entirety of the world OUTSIDE of the pot where frogs belong? I’ll tell you what I find chilling — that it should just now have dawned on you that “politics” and “real life” actually have something to do with each other. Wow — up to this point in your life, you assumed that all the drama you’ve been watching unfold in the public forum was simply a really long-running television series that you could tune into or tune out from as your interest waxed or waned?
      As for the “problem” of “timing” to which you allude as though defending your God-given right to self-determination hinged upon the necessity of your adherence to some ritual of etiquette with which you are unacquainted, I can only tell you that the time to act is four years past now and for all intents and purposes, it really doesn’t matter whether or not you like the termperature of the water.

      • I’m not apologizing for living my life outside of politics. I had four human resources I needed to raise to adulthood before they were used as hostages for my proper behavior. Rude verbiage aside, I take your point that now is the time to act. Or do you really mean it’s too late? Regardless, you won’t win many converts with such an attitude.

        • I sincerely regret having posted my reply to your comments. I posted in haste as I had to leave for work and regret that I was unable to retract my comment.

  2. Even the Republican flunkies Trump put on the supreme Court know that this the cries, or should I say whines, from the right about election fraud are bogus. Why can’t you act like adults, like Americans, and accept the results of the election? I cannot believe that you guys are even supporting a man like Trump I thought you had some integrity, I thought that you respected the Constitution. I guess that’s two more things I got wrong.

    • Now do Democrats in 2016. We had a 2 year investigation just because your side couldn’t accept Trump as president. You have no standing to argue anything about our reaction.

      • The only reason Trump is in office is because the Senate did not do their job, they ignored the evidence and voted for their guy, and not for the country.
        The Democrats, and, I admit it, myself, blew it in the 90s when we supported Clinton despite his being a sleaze bag. That is the comparison I would use, as any attack against Trump is justified, he is an execrable human being, and he has done great damage to our international standing as well as to our governmental institutions. I doubt, however, that anyone here sheds tears over damage to govt institutions.
        Believe it or not, Utah, I admire you. You are a good writer, in more genres than I. Your posts about management helped me to become a better captain.
        But when it comes to politics you guys are total nutters. Facts go out the window and logic becomes something to twist, to the breaking point and beyond.
        What Donald Trump, and the Republican Party as well, represents today is certainly not conservatism. Trump’s term as POTUS is the embodiment of an imperial presidency.
        I know what you’re going to say, Obama started it. Yes, he did, but he was Our imperial president, that made it okay, not! Now both sides have made the same mistake, and now way to much power lies in the hands of one person.
        That’s all I have, hope y’all have a happy holiday ( Cobb fires the first shot in the War on Xmas{ 2nd shot, too})

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