Feudalistic Neofascism

Webster defines fascism as “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.”

That the American left is not called fascist, is a merely a matter of semantics.

Centralized autocratic government – check. As much as they can get away with before the shooting starts – the leaders in the governments of California, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, are but a few examples. Biden, Schumer and Pelosi have plans for even greater centralization of national government – certainly more than in the Obama years.

Dictatorial leader- check. Actually, a cabal of dictatorial leaders. Again, look at the “lockdown” states and how they will be supported by the Biden regime. “C’mon, man! Wear the mask!”
Severe economic and social regimentation – check. Every cabinet member and agency head are promising economic and social “equity”, not equality. From “environmental justice” (whatever the hell that is) to reparations to the unequal application of law based on skin color or economic status, the Democrat plan is to create a socioeconomic system based on corporatism (the idea that society by corporate groups, such as agricultural, labor, military, scientific, or guild associations, on the basis of their common interests or identity).

Forcible suppression of opposition – check. “Forcible” does not necessarily mean people show up at your door in a MRAP, wearing body armor and toting medium caliber automatic weapons to make you log off Facebook – it just means that you are prohibited from some action that you choose to do. Having your posts banned or restricted, being sent to the Facebook or Twitter gulag for thirty days, are examples of forcible suppression.

As previously noted, the fact that the American left fails the dictionary definition of fascism is merely semantics.

It is the nationalist facet of fascism that trips them up. They are contra-nationalists, what unites them and the business corporations collaborating with them is not nationalism, it is the hatred of America that unites them. They are united by the belief that America is unique in the world, not through American exceptionalism and the good it has brought to the world, rather that America owes its uniqueness to its evil beginnings and history.

The American left cried “Fascism!” every single time President Trump and his supporters praised America, took pride in being Americans or noted America’s leading role as a force for good in the global community, even though, without the other three aspects, the centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, the severe economic and social regimentation, and the forcible suppression of opposition, the definition of fascism is simply not accurate.

The Trump era is characterized by America first, not by the Obama era idea that America is just one of many, nothing special – but to be proud of your nation and to believe it is worthy of leadership is not the same as believing all other nations and races must bow before it. The Trump era is characterized by actions that are exactly the opposite of fascism like decentralizing government, deregulation, cutting taxes, a return to free enterprise, a respect for individual liberty and rights, increases in economic liberty, rising wages, less emphasis on race and protections of freedom of speech and expression.

The left likes to claim that Trump is the equivalent of Hitler and his administration, the Nazis – but in truth, Hitler and the Nazis could never have carried out their horrors without the voluntary collaboration of big businesses in Germany. Hugo Boss, BMW, Bayer, Volkswagen, Siemens and even IBM, Ford and the Associated Press (they self-censored and fired Jewish staff to placate the Germans).

American big corporate interests collaborate with the leftist Democrats because there is profit for them in big government. Globalism stripped any notion of American patriotism from large, multi-national American corporations, and as such, political parties and governments of countries became their primary clients, the people of those countries merely the raw materials.

Social media moguls became the agitprop and censorship agencies, large businesses force individuals into compliance by operating by government dictates (controlling what you buy by limiting offerings) and by enforcing government behavioral mandates as a condition of entering into their premises or engaging in commerce, corporations become an extension of the government.

America is entering an era of law without law. Behaviors are to managed and controlled, not by government, but by businesses acting on the dictates while seeking the approval of government.

I don’t know how to assign a name to this new “ism”, it is a bastardized version of collaboration, corporatism and fascism that isn’t quite authoritarian communism, but creates an outcome that is virtually the same. It borders on feudalism, with single party rule in government becoming the king and collaborative business entities taking on the role of a feudal lords.

Maybe feudalistic neofascism fits.

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