President Trump, It Is Time To Invoke The Insurrection Act, The 14th Amendment AND Your September 2018 Executive Order


Folks, this is a serious post. I hate writing serious posts, but the times demand it. I, as an American citizen, am hereby calling on President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act, the 14th Amendment and his Executive Order of September, 2018. We are at the point where all apply and, frankly, they appear to be the only legal means left by which to save this great nation. What’s more, as the President, you have a sworn duty to invoke them. So, I am asking that you do so, today, and here is the clear case for invoking them:

First, we start with the language of the U.S. Constitution, acknowledging that it was written in 1787 and — unless otherwise amended — was intended to be understood according to the language of the times. I start by cementing that this is, in fact, the way the Constitution was and is…

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