Here’s Why I Am NEVER Voting Republicrat (D or R) EVER Again!

I am still a TRUMP supporter, but also still a NEVER — GOP guy. A lot of you got angry with me in 2016 because I renounced the GOP. Are you ready to join me in looking for a better, EFFECTIVE way yet?


The following is an open letter to the Republican Party. It was written by a friend and fellow Patriot. I share his sentiments as expressed here. I will never again vote for a Republican — ever! There is no difference between them and the Democrats. If you are still a Republican, I plead with you to take your own advice to Democrats: leave your Party. It is a treasonous whore, and seeks only to enrich itself while destroying the nation. If, however, you choose to stay in the GOP, then do not tell me I am the one electing Democrats. You are! They may have an ‘R’ after their names, but they are just as much an enemy to the Union, and, therefore, you are just as guilty as the Democrat voters you accuse of destroying America by voting ‘D.’

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