No Left or Right, Only Up or Down

The idea that capitalism = conservativism = racism = white supremacism is completely nuts.

Capitalism is the only economic system that ISN’T focused on who or what you are, only what value you can bring to the market.

Conservativism doesn’t care about your race, color, creed, ethnicity, gender or sexual preferences, all it cares about is that you love individual choice and individual liberty and want to protect them.
You cannot have freedom and liberty without choice (we must be free to make bad choices as well) and a person’s individual liberty is directly related to their economic freedom.

What is capitalism? At its most basic, capitalism is the free market philosophy that uses price as a signal to the market to change, to adjust. Capitalism isn’t a cause; it is an effect, a result. Capitalism rests upon a very simple concept, an economic transaction occurs at that point where a seller is willing to sell and a buyer is willing to buy.

This one on one, individual philosophy allows the price of a good or service to be established by the individuals involved in the transaction based on the value of the transaction to each. In my mind, there is no more equitable or fair method of economic transfer than this.

The left thinks capitalism is inherently immoral – I think it is intellectually impossible to classify any economic system in those terms.

Capitalism, or any economic system for that matter, is merely a reflection of the actions of individuals in a society. In a free society, the quality of that society (and in this case, the quality of the economic system) depends on the quality of individual. Both Rand and Friedman base their positions on the simple proposition that a society is comprised of individuals and those individuals, acting in their own best interests will yield the best result for society.

Morals are based on core principles and therefore are firm, fixed concepts. Morals are like ethics, they are absolute and binary, there are no degrees of morality or ethics, and one cannot be a little bit moral or a little bit ethical, one either is or isn’t. Since these are not variable concepts, they cannot be priced and therefore cannot be bought or sold. What he is speaking of is the inducement to abandon morality for a price. If that is possible then the individual was never moral to begin with. I’ve heard it said that the ethical man knows he shouldn’t cheat on his wife, whereas the moral man actually wouldn’t.

Collectivists typically decry the lack of morals in society as they denigrate God (or religion) in the same breath…so just where do you suppose they believe morality originates?

But riddle me this, Batman: if we approached every transaction based on, say, the Ten Commandments or the Golden Rule, would capitalism then be moral?

So collectivists seek to inject morality by putting humans in charge, thereby eliminating individual choice – which leads to a planned, centralized system.

Time has proven that capitalism can be corrupted by evil people, that much is true, but it is also true that collectivist systems are the institutionalization of corruption. It makes corruption the official process of the state.

As Reagan said in 1964, there is no left and right, there is only up or down. We can choose up by choosing the best system for freedom or we can choose down by choosing the worst system for it.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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