The Ironclad Oath

The Democrats demand that Republicans, especially those who opposed certifying the electors of certain states, must say “Biden is legitimate, the elections were free and fair” or they are to be considered insurrectionists and traitors to the Union.

First of all, American citizens don’t do loyalty oath to a leader, and this sounds a lot like a loyalty oath. We swear to protect and defend our Constitution, we don’t swear fealty to a president. Seems the Democrats used to think loyalty oaths were a bad thing. I remember the conniption fit they threw when they thought President Trump demanded one from Comey in early 2017.

Second of all, Biden’s status as a legitimate president hinges on whether the election was free and fair and free of corruption. Democrats considered George W. Bush illegitimate (selected, not elected), even though every 2000 recount done in Florida (some conducted by newspapers looking for more Gore votes) found Bush won. Trump was considered illegitimate based on a known lie (Comey’s FBI knew it was a lie) that spawned a two year ordeal.

Lastly, we DO NOT know the election was free and fair – not with any degree of certainty – and neither do they. They ASSUME the election to be free and fair because they need it to be. We KNOW nothing of the kind, because there has been no audit or investigation targeting the specific kind of mail-out ballot fraud many suspect occurred. Too many legitimate questions about states violating their own constitutions, highly improbable statistical anomalies and strange, unexplained counting process deviations still go without investigation. Multiple lawsuits and reviews were turned away, so the fact is, nobody even looked.

After the Civil War and as Reconstruction began, the “Ironclad Oath” was the law of the land (from 1866 until it was formerly repealed in 1871), it was used as a method to exclude former Confederates from public office, requiring every white male to swear they had never borne arms against the Union or supported the Confederacy. Specifically they swore they “never voluntarily borne arms against the United States,” had “voluntarily” given “no aid, countenance, counsel or encouragement” to persons in rebellion and had exercised or attempted to exercise the functions of no office under the Confederacy.

Men who took the oath were eligible for office, those who did not, were not.

Whether we believe it or not, there has been a civil war raging just below the surface for decades. The Democrats want to refight the Civil War because now, as then, they want to keep their slaves.
Of course, this time the slaves are not literally or physically in chains, this time, they are intellectually, philosophically and ideologically in chains. The contemporary slaves are locked in cages of myth, fabrications and lies concocted by their Democrat masters.

An imprisoned mind is little different than an imprisoned body.

Now that the circus is now back in town and Obama 3.0 is getting booted up and Biden is loading his administration with the same corrupt proto-communists who served Obama. They are going to play the “elections have consequences” thing to the hilt. Everything they do will be based on the thuggish “I won” theory of governance. Their idea of “unity” is that of the Borg of Star Trek fame.

Their “You must say Biden is legitimate, that he won freely and fairly or you have no place in our America” phrase smacks of the Ironclad Oath of 1866.

For anybody to say that oath would be telling a lie.

Because we don’t know for sure. Not us, and certainly not them.

None of us.

And that is the problem.

One thought on “The Ironclad Oath

  1. It is completely and totally impossible for there to be as many issues of illegality in this election as have been brought to the surface and it to still be the kind of election we are promised we would have from our government. If there were merely a couple possible fraudulent voting experiences that happened on an election day, it might be ignored and passed over. I saw more accused voting criminality after this election than I could believe could have happened without a citizenship forcing the fair and impartial investigation. I wonder if there is anyway to deal with where America is now without a civil war.

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