Remember: Some of You Voted for This

For a solid year, Biden railed that Trump didn’t have a plan…for anything.

It is as apparent now (as it was to sane people then) that the only plan Biden had was to follow Trump’s plan while doing what Obama did – blame everything bad on his predecessor while taking credit for everything good his predecessor did.

He was going to “not stamp out the economy and stamp out the virus” and the first thing he did was sign an EO that put between 10 and 20 thousand people out of work and then says nothing can stop the trajectory of the virus.


He wants to vaccinate 100 million people in 100 days, a rate already achieved buy the Trump “no plan” plan.

This cardboard cutout of a President said in a nationally televised debate that he never said he opposed fracking. President Trump said the former vice president said it on tape.

“Show the tape. Put it on your website,” Biden said. President Trump’s campaign was only too happy to oblige, and yet, miracles of miracles, now that he is safely in the White House, Biden is moving to ban fracking.

Now black Americans are worried that their female children will be cut out of desperately desired college scholarships due to biological males being allowed to compete as females.

White suburban liberal moms are now worried that perverts with penises will be sharing school bathrooms with their precious little princesses.

Caravans of illegal immigrants are headed toward the border towns.

Biden is already talking about increasing troop levels in Iraq.

The governors who strangled your businesses to death did so until the inauguration was over and now they sound just like President Trump as they declare that, despite what they told you for a year, the risk is minimal to open businesses and schools.

Teachers unions opposed opening schools until they pushed to the front of the vaccine line, were successful in getting first in line, but now they don’t want to go back to work until every child is vaccinated – which could take until the end of 2022. But they want to continue to get paid, of course.

For all you woke white folks out there, President Dementia Joe appointed a virulent racist, a black supremacist, to head the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ, so get ready to be fed reverse discrimination for breakfast, systemic racism for lunch and a healthy dose of Critical Race Theory for dinner. Better up your melanin levels.

BLM and ANTIFA were happy that the Democrats ignored them as they pillaged, thinking that was support, but now they know they were just being ignored because their violence was politically helpful to Democrats on a national level.

So from far left to far right, Biden and the Democrats lied to all of you.

Just remember – you voted for this shit because OrangeManBad’s tweets hurt your feelz.

Meghan McCain, idiot extraordinaire, useful Democrat idiot and member of cackling harpies on “The View” says the Biden folks lied to her – well, who the hell could have seen THAT coming?

Buyer’s remorse sucks, honey.

We told you geniuses that Democrats lie, it is as natural as breathing to them but you told us that you just couldn’t take one more tweet.

Well, suck it up buttercup, sit back, grab your iced soy lattes and enjoy what you did to America – and your children.

Any reasonable view of the performance of the White House so far is of one in even more chaos than the Trump transition. The Biden administration is filled with children, the mentally ill and Obama retreads desperately trying to relive the Obama fantasy – not that there is a marked difference in the three categories.

Jen Psaki is turning out to be the big, fat, lying dog faced pony soldier laughable disaster I expected she would be. I just wish she could be re-teamed with her other vacuous sorority sister, Marie Harf, so we really could see some performance art.

But in all fairness to Psaki, she doesn’t know what Biden thinks about anything because Biden doesn’t know what he thinks until Susan Rice tells him.

Many have posted H.L. Mencken’s quote, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Well, we are all about to get it good and hard – and without lubricant.

We shouldn’t forget who put us in this position.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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