We Need To Talk

President Joe Biden called for “unity”.

I have always surmised that “unity” for a Democrat means the same thing as “bipartisanship” – it means that everybody should just shut up and get on board with whatever it is the Democrat Party wants. – because they book no dissent, especially these days. William F. Buckley touched on this when he noted that Democrats claim to want to hear other opinions but then are shocked to find out there ARE other opinions.

I really mean this when I say it, and I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories but President Hiden is a man who has been sheltered, controlled, and spoon-fed information so long, I do think he actually believes it when he says that white supremacy and domestic terrorism are the greatest threats to the American Republic.

Forgive me when I say this, but I can’t help but remember the 90’s movie titled “Blast from the Past” starring Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Walken, and Sissy Spacek. When Biden emerged after the election in November, he was like he emerged from a sealed bunker in the same way Fraser’s character, Adam Weber, did. Fraser’s dad (Walken) was so paranoid about nuclear war that during the Cuban Missile Crisis, he convinced himself war was imminent and retreated to his bunker for 35 years. Fraser was born in the bunker and knew nothing about the outside world other than reruns of “I Love Lucy” so when he emerged, he found to find a world that had not been destroyed and was entirely foreign to him.

It is entirely possible Biden thinks he is fighting a wave of domestic terrorism lead by white supremacists – because that is what he has been told.

But real unity requires us to have some difficult conversations about some subjects that the Democrats would rather just ignore – or prefer by which to continue to be held hostage.

We must talk about the Democrat’s love of authoritarianism and their lack of self-awareness about it.

I do not think anyone can objectively assess the first few days of the Biden administration – or what has happened in the Democrat controlled House for the past four years – a two year politically driven investigation based on false information, TWO impeachments, constant leaks from the committees, flagrant lying of the committee chair people, combined with the attempted character assassination of a Supreme Court nominee by the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee – and not think of Kafkaesque Soviet show trials.

We must talk about the hatred of the Bill of Rights and the general anti-constitutionalism of the Democrat Party.

There is no question that the wink and a not support of social media bans, blacklists, shadowbanning and outright de-platforming of conservatives and the use of private companies to destroy purported conservative outlets (like Parler) through actions the Constitution prohibits, amounts to an attack on the Amendments that make up the Bill of Rights. Add to that the deafening silence on bans on speech in academia, terminations based on political affiliation, petitions to revoke degrees, ex post facto regulations and rules designed to form a basis to discriminate against speech with which Democrats disagree, and a comprehensive anti-Constitutional picture emerges.

We must talk about the Democrat Party’s sponsorship of anarchists.

Take a measure of firebombings in Portland, a splash of riots and CHAZ liquer from Seattle, put them in a blender and add a jigger of ANTIFA mostly peaceful protest. Blend for 30 seconds and then decant over cubes of ice-cold Democrat and media silence and enjoy. Enough said.

We must talk about the Democrat Party’s sponsorship of and black supremacy.

This is a bad one and will get anyone who broaches the subject as a white supremacist, even if they are black – but the fact is that while black lives matter as a proposition has value, BLM, Inc. is a shop of racist horrors. Let us call them what they are – racists. Anyone pushing or teaching “anti-racism” based largely on the fiction of Critical Race Theory is not looking for ways to create equality between whites and blacks, they are simply black supremacists. Afrocentrism is a significant part of BLM, Inc. and people who subscribe to it – like Kristen Clarke, the new head of the powerful Civil Rights Division of the DOJ – believe that blacks are mentally, physically, and spiritually superior to whites. That belief is not as uncommon as one would think and if white supremacy is bad, black supremacy should be viewed equally as bad.

Before we even address the Democrat ignorance of basic economics and abiding love of collectivism, we must get these four out of the way first.

All, as I noted, are difficult conversations about subjects that the Democrats would rather just ignore or answer by simply calling us racists who are fooled by disinformation.

I am not hopeful, especially with President Adam Weber in the White House.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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